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Fengshui Crystal Hanging Ball

Fengshui Crystal Hanging Ball Since time immemorial man has followed certain housing tips like Vastu and Fengshui to bring about peace and prosperity at home. While Vastu is ancient Indian vedic science, Fengshui is Chinese. Fengshui has garnered popularity all over the world for its capability in bringing good luck. The most popular Fengshui artifact is the Laughing Buddha which according to Chinese Legend brings about peace, prosperity, wisdom and happiness in the home grounds.

Another such powerful Fengshui product is the Crystal Hanging Ball. A crystal ball is loaded with mysterious powers and supernatural energies due to it spherical shape. The beautifully cut spherical shape resonates perfection and peace because of its symmetry. Since the ancient times, a crystal ball has attracted many supernatural practices worldwide as it is believed to drive light energies in a constant and smooth motion. It is also believed to calm the mind and neutralize all the negative emotions stuck in the area or in a person. They bring about powerful positive Fengshui energies in the house when hung on the window sills. It has the capability of diverting the mind from negativity and putting it to beneficial use. These are natural rock crystals which are neither colored nor have been radiated.

Fengshui pretty much works in amalgamation with the Sha Chi energies or the bad and good energies encircling a place. When hanging ball crystals are hung on a particular window of the house which have the Sha Chi energies directed at them, they manage to capture all the positivity into the house. Fengshui crystal hanging balls yield excellent results in long and dark hallways. They should be placed in dark corners as these areas easily accumulate energy which becomes stagnant. They are also excellent for areas that have too much chaos like small areas with many doors or too much furniture.

Fengshui crystals are also used as faceted lead crystals which are hanged in specific corners of one’s home or also in a window. They come with a red string and are available in different sizes. Hanging in sunlit windows, these crystals sparkle with beautiful rainbow lights and this according to Fengshui is excellent for the home atmosphere. One can just hang these crystals in windows having the most sunlight. Fengshui crystals are not magical products that automatically bring about good vibes. There is a lot more effort to be made to get good Fengshui into the house.

These also come with a faceted round crystal sphere hanging on a red string containing several smaller crystals. The smaller crystals emphasize the use of the crystal sphere. A string containing many small rose quartz crystals brings about good love cure.

Crystal are mined from the earth’s crust in countries like Brazil and India. Citrine, rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst are used to amplify the power of the crystal hanging ball. A black obsidian sphere is said to be excellent for business. The crystals should be cleaned from time to time to enable fresh energy around them. Fengshui crystals can be purchased online from various online portals. The energy of fengshui crystals can be used to increase one’s own personal energy too. Wearing a Fengshui crystal daily in the form of jewelry like a ring or a chain will ensure that you get positive vibes daily.