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Feng Shui Dragon

Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui is connected with creating good energy, prosperity and abundance in your home, workplace and in all areas of your life. This Old Chinese art is known for improving quality of one’s life. This study is all about improvising and promoting everything to a brand new level. Feng Shui Dragon is considered as symbol of power and strength and considered with strong yang or male energy. This dragon piece holds a crystal like matter in its claw which symbolizes wealth, power and ample of opportunities.

Excellence, nobility, divinity and valiancy are symbolized by Feng Shui Dragon. Dragon is always treated with the highest sense of veneration for all Feng Shui followers and thus represents strongest symbol of good fortune and prosperity. It is also believed that wherever this Dragon is placed, it is meant to defend the area, create confidence, and stimulate vibes of masculinity along with attracting wealth. It is believed to emit a special form of ‘chi’ known as ‘Sheng Chi’ or ‘Celestial Breath’ which spreads of essence of energy and helps you in achieving all your goals with self-confidence and attracting good fortune.

Where Feng Shui Dragon should be placed?

You can’t just place the Dragon anywhere. Along with the fact that it should go with the décor of your house, it should be placed where it proves beneficial for you. You might have heard that keeping Feng Shui things in an unlucky direction might bring misfortune. This is not true, it doesn’t bring misfortune; it just either blocks the positive flow of energy or acts neutral and thus neither blocks nor helps. But yes, since you are investing in Feng Shui Dragon for your betterment, it is essential that you understand where you should place it.

1. Facing your lucky directions: You need to look for Feng Shui lucky directions to place this Dragon. These lucky directions help in attracting all the positive energies which is nourishing and suitable for you. Feng Shui chart explains the directions as per the Kua Number. So you just need to find your number with flexible and open mind and place the dragon in the lucky direction.

2. Feng Shui Wealth Star: Location of Feng Shui wealth star changes every year, so you may have to change the position of this dragon every year. For 2017, East bagua area of your home is considered as auspicious and wealth star. Similarly there are different stars and different positioning for future wealth, love and education, career and relationships. These stars keep on changing and thus you should continue placing your dragon in different directions as per them.

It is necessary that along with investing in Feng Shui Dragon, you adequately ensure that it is placed at a position where it can draw maximum positive energy and serves the purpose of benefitting you in long run.

Feng Shui Dragon is more than just another decorating trend as it helps in coordinating everything in perfect harmony and maintaining a perfect balance in life. Little things can change the energy in your workplace and home and help you in staying motivated by creating conducive environment and Feng Shui Dragon is one of those things!