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Feng-Shui Owl

Feng-Shui Owl There are many people who suffer from health issues, financial troubles and failure in their career or business. According to ancient Chinese Art of Fengshui, placing certain objects in particular corners of the house or office helps to repel negative energies and help in bringing good luck and prosperity. Those who believe in this Chinese practice know about its positive and powerful effects. There are many signs, symbols and artifacts in Fengshui each depicting a particular cause and significance.

One such object is the Fengshui Owl. Read on further to know more about its significance:

Importance of Fengshui Owl:

The owl is a very mysterious and rare to find animal which very few of us get a chance to see. The nocturnal owl is considered as a symbol of protection from evil, symbol of wisdom and also as the truth seeker. It brings about powerful and positive vibes in fields of knowledge and intelligence. A gold covered figurine of an owl not only looks splendid as a home décor item but also brings about prosperity vibes owing to its rich gold color. Though placing a Fengshui in the house might not necessarily bring in richness and good luck suddenly but it does help in reversing bad luck and negativity. While there may be some who are skeptical on placing an owl, but they are definitely worth a try and they are beautiful as décor ornaments in the house. These are available in myriad hues of the rainbow and come in different finishes ranging from rustic to elegant and some cute owls for little kids. An owl is said to protect the family from ill health and evil spirits.

Where can we place them?

• Home: A house is divided into various energy sectors that have an effect on different aspects of life like relationships, children, love, money matter, career growth and health. According to Fengshui, placement of gold objects in south-east corners of homes or offices brings in prosperity. One can place a Fengshui owl in any area of the house wherein one desires protection from evil, circulation of luck and money or positive energy circulation. Using a traditional Home Floor Plan of Fengshui called the Bagua, one can place an owl in any corner of the house if you desire some specific results in certain corners. Placing a Macrame owl in the study room increases the knowledge and brings in success in academics.

• Office: A workplace, just like home, is divided into various energy sectors too. The entrance doors should be placed in ideal locations in an office or work place according to the Bagua chart. One should put an owl in areas where one desires increased money circulation like on the cash register, accounting books or on the work desk. It can also be put in the waiting room or conference room to attract clients and potential buyers.

One can place a single or a whole family of Fengshui owls to create good luck and increase profits.