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Feng Shui Money Plants

Things You Need to Know About How Feng Shui Money Plants Can Bring You Wealth

Feng Shui Money Plants Chinese philosophy is abundant with mysticism, and feng shui is an integral part of it. It represents the art of harmonious placements, bringing mundane things together and placing them in a balance with their surroundings. Feng Shui, translated literally as wind-water in English is associated with good health or good fortune, as per Chinese culture. Feng shui elements are all about perfect placements; placing them in wrong places can produce adverse effects while the perfect location will bring you all the luck, or so the Chinese believes!

The feng shui money plant is, similarly, a cure for bad financial condition, if placed in the right place. These tree plants are said to emanate energy that attracts wealth and money. Although it’s fairly tempting to rush to the market and buy one for your home at once, you may need to know a few things about the money plants first.

1. Where to Keep the Feng Shui Money Plants?
As it was discussed before, the placement of the feng shui plant is absolutely the most significant part of the process -- things are sure to go wrong otherwise. These are the best and worst locations to keep your feng shui money plants:
• One of the best areas to put the money plants is the money area of your office or home. Money area basically means where your money is either made or kept.
• Trees are symbolic of youth and good health, thus, feng shui money plants are also compatible with the area associated with health and sustenance.
• Keeping the plants indoors, in the south-east zone of your home or office is said to yield the best effects.
• Now, some of the worst places to keep the money plants are the bathroom, or the north east zone, known as the self-cultivation area, according to Feng shui.

2. Which Feng Shui Money Plant Should You Buy?
There is a variety of feng shui money plants adorning the market these days, and it can be difficult to decide which one to get for your home or office. There are about four kinds of plants that you can use:
• A tropical wetland tree called Pachira Aquatica
• A jade plant or friendship tree, named Crassula Ovata
• Another very popular plant is the one that has an auspicious Chinese coin tied to its stem, so that it looks like the coin is growing on the tree.
• Lush green plants, such as, the Chinese bamboo, syngonuim, anthurium and so on.
Now, choose the one that will look best in your home or office environment, it’s honestly just as simple as that.

3. Be Realistic About the Results
Let’s be real, money cannot and will never grow on a tree, this isn’t some black magic! If you expect that once the plant grows, gold or silver coins will start dropping from the tree, you cannot be furthest from reality!
If you want to see the positive effect reflected on your financial condition, focus rather on the energy that the plant brings to your house, on its sheer beauty and on the uplifting spiritual atmosphere it creates.