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Feng Shui Multicolor Dragon Boat

All You Need To Know About Your Feng Shui Multicolor Dragon Boat

Feng Shui Multicolor Dragon Boat Feng Shui is an age old Chinese tradition that determines the architectural aptitude of buildings on the basis of its accordance (or a lack thereof) with the invisible cosmic energies that are said to bind the earth, universe and the entire humanity together. It has much in common with the Taoist tradition, and advocates harmonizing the human-made environment with its natural counterpart, so as to reach a balance between alternative forms of energy. Feng shui practitioners usually concern themselves with orienting homes, offices and other significant buildings in certain directions, taking into consideration the flow of wind, water, and the topographical features of the landscape on which they are to be situated. Sometimes, they also recommend the insertion of feng shui cures which, as the name suggests, are remedial objects that are believed to enhance luck and chances of prosperity. One such example of a feng shui cure is a multicolor dragon boat depicting eight people on their way to heaven.

The dragon is a very important motif in the Chinese religious and ritualistic tradition. It is one of the four celestial animals, and is also believed to be the water deity, in control of rivers, oceans, rain clouds and other such sources. When used as a feng shui cure, it therefore becomes a highly auspicious symbol capable of bringing good fortune in the lives of people.

The eight people who are seen riding the dragon boat are called the ‘Eight Immortals’. Legends and myths have it that they were sent from heaven to aid and abet human beings on the various expeditions that they undertake – be it spiritual, academic, financial or marital. Thus, having a dragon boat can prove to be of immense mental support as people are constantly reminded that there is someone overlooking their actions and endeavors, so that nothing could possibly go wrong. However, it is unadvisable to place the object in your bedroom, kitchen or toilet.

Each of the eight immortals is accompanied by a guardian animal, and is in possession of a special tool that has unique powers. There are six men and two women, and collectively taken, they represent prosperity and longevity. Given below are the names of the eight immortals, along with a brief discussion on each one of them.

Chung-Li Chuan: Having discovered the Elixir of Life, he is regarded as the chief of the immortals. He carries a large fan which can cure the ailing and resurrect the dead, thus symbolizing long life.

Chang Kuo-Lao: Depicted as an old man, he rides a white mule and carries a bamboo tube with two iron rods projecting out of it. He represents old age and wisdom, and is said to help couples in conceiving.

Lu Dong-Pin: He is shown to be a scholar, carrying a sword on his back that wards off demonic forces or spirits. Thus he serves a protective purpose.

Ts’ao Guao-chiu: He belongs to an imperial family and is the most exquisitely dressed of the eight immortals. He stands for popularity and renown.

Li T’ieh Guai: Represented as a beggar, he is the guardian of the poor and the needy. He walks with a crutch and carries a gourd which is known to dispel the sufferings of the oppressed.

Han Hsiang Tzu: The happiest of the immortals, he gives off positive vibes. He is shown carrying a flute and his music is said to possess healing qualities.

Lan T’sai Ho: She carries a flower basket and is known to bring good luck to women.

He Hsien Ku: She has a magical lotus flower which is believed to improve both physical and mental health. Some sources also regard her as a symbol of conjugal bliss.

It is not uncommon to find independent representations of these individuals in various forms of art as well as in other feng shui cures. However, it is always favorable to own a dragon boat as it brings a multitude of blessings. Also, who wants one when you can have all?