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Feng-Shui Educational Tower

Feng-Shui Educational Tower The term ‘Feng-Shui’ owes its origin to Chinese philosophy that indicates a systematic theorization proposing a sense of harmony be struck with an individual and his surrounding environment and logistics. Originated over 3000 years ago, the basic tenet of this theory clearly mentions that a set of rules be followed for the jurisdiction and governance of space and its basic arrangement so as to be conducive to the transfer of energy with an individual and the space that he resides in. An earnest literal translation of the term ‘Feng-Shui’ means ‘wind- water’, said to be an integral part of good health in the tenets of Chinese metaphysics.

Feng-Shui has been used through the ages in order to act as a metaphorical thumb rule for positioning and allocating buildings, residences, offices etc and also arranging objects and furniture inside a premise. Depending upon the particular methodology and school of feng-shui used, the reference point is selected and can be with respect to water bodies, astronomical specifications or directionality indicated by the compass.

Feng-Shui educational tower, in this respect, is a miniature pagoda shaped structure, with multiple layers and deemed as an instrument for transfer of positive energy and luck, according to its specific positioning and alignment. In the Oriental traditions and culture, Pagoda structures remain as the foundational bedrock signifying knowledge and peace in solitude. In terms of Feng-Shui theorization, a Pagoda is a propagator of progressive energy, coupled with enhancement of force of life or energy also known as qi (ch’i) in Chinese metaphysical philosophy. One of the key indicators of qi is that of karma or the deeds of an individual.

There are majorly 3 types of Feng Shui educational towers viz. the five tier pagoda, the seven tier pagoda and the nine tier pagoda respectively. The tiers associated with the five tier educational tower are uniquely structured and are the indicators of the five elements of Nature viz. Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood. It also represents the 5 directions and is said to guard us from bad omen culminating from these directions. The seven tier pagoda signifies the seven Buddhist treasures and brings about positivity from the seven stars of the North, while the nine tier one is said to ensure stability and progress in one’s life.

Having mentioned these facts, the placement and positioning of these educational towers remain a crucial task for their effectiveness. If placed outside the front door of the residence, it restricts the entry of negative energy, acting as a safe guard. For business purposes, if it is placed near the site of transaction or decision making, it ensures stability both financial and well being and also prevents large loss makings. Placed near the site of study or bed side enhances confidence and examination performance and retention power of information and knowledge seeking. Essentially it should be kept at the North Eastern part of the room or the study desk for best results in knowledge and to the Eastern side of the living space for better health and better recovery during illness.