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Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

Benefits of Using the Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

Feng-Shui Bagua Mirror Feng Shui nowadays is a popular practice around the world in order to harmonize the environment of the home or workplace. Feng Shui uses many small objects or small changes of ways of life that will bring positivity in your home and subsequently your life. One of the important Feng Shu objects is the Bagua mirror. The Bagus mirror or the Pa-Kua mirror/Pakua mirror is a round mirror surrounded by an octagonal wooden frame. The wooden frame is designed in the traditional Bagua design, in the combination of bright, bold colours like red, yellow, black or yellow, green combinations. The mirrors also have three uninterrupted lines on the top known as the Chi’en trigram. Here are 5 benefits of using the Bagua mirror.

1. Protection
The Bagua mirrors, especially ‘The Early Heaven’ Baguas- originating from the ‘I Ching’ wisdom, are used for protection. These mirrors are usually hung on doors, but it should never be used indoors. If you have any structure around your house that might be pointing to your house or attacking you, or if your house is in a corner, you might need to protect your house from that. This kind of energy is known as Sha Chi, a harmful energy or She Chi, a deadly, morbid energy. Bagua mirror protects your house from these kinds of energy.

2. Positive Energy
Bagua mirrors are known for emitting positive energies. If you have any neighbour who is directing negative energy at you, hanging the mirror above the front door, or placing it in a position so as to direct at them will shift that negative energy. However, it does not work a harmful way so is to reflect that negative energy and send it back to that person.

3. Harmonization
The philosophy of Feng Shui is all about energy. The Bagua mirror absorbs the energy and transforms it. Therefore, using it at your home or your business, will bring positive energy and as a corollary- peace. It will stabilize the environment and will bring harmony.

4. Respite from Fear
We all walk in life with various kinds of fear. We fear of any harm coming to our family and our lives. Using the Bagua mirror will lessen your fears as you will know the mirror is working in order to abate all those potentially harmful energies. Although, you should not overuse it out of fear, as the fearful energy will only reflect that.

5. Happiness and Prosperity
The Feng Shui Bagua mirror, bringing you positive enrgy, will also change your overall outlook towards life. Your personal life will become happier, and your professional life will be better too, as the work environment will become healthier, more positive- showering your life with happiness and prosperity.

However, do not use the mirror as merely a piece of decor because of its exotic look; neither in any negative way. Properly understand the power of the Feng Shui object and use it accordingly. If necessary, consult any Feng Shui professional regarding when to use it, and hang it outside your door or windows.

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