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Fengshui Running Horse

Fengshui Running Horse According to the Chinese, Fengshui is an ancient science which if followed brings about positivity, good luck, wisdom and victory into the house. It is incorporated by putting some Fengshui products in certain corners or directions of the house. Fengshui depends mostly on purity, directions and natural elements like the sunlight, wind and water. There are some really beautiful products from Fengshui which one can keep as a decorative artifact in the house along with bringing good vibes. The common of all is the Laughing Buddha which if kept in the entrance of the house, brings good luck. Another famous Fengshui product is the Running Horse. Read on further to know more about its significance and how it should be used:

Fengshui Running Horse:

A Fengshui horse is the symbol for perseverance, speed and strength. It is excellent for business growth and brings about a good reputation. The horse is a freedom loving animal and his eyes show a lot of wisdom. Placing a horse picture or artifact brings strength in a marriage or love life. There are various Fengshui horse symbols each depicting a different significance.

A galloping or running horse is a sign of victory and success. Some artifacts of horses have a swallow at the foot depicting that it can run faster than the bird could fly. Horse with a swallow at its foot also symbolizes perseverance and power and also brings about prosperity and success.

Where to place a Running Horse?

It is good to place a running horse in the study, office or living room. A statue of 8 running horses symbolizes victory and success in business or career. But one should be careful about placing these energy loving animals in the house. It should be placed on an elevated surface on your work table or study table. It should not be placed in the toilets, bathrooms or kitchen areas. This is because the horse symbolizes the elements of fire according to Fengshui and it cannot be placed in areas with elements of wood or metal as they are considered as cure for fire. It should also not be placed confronting you directly or facing behind you. These lovely artifacts are available online at affordable prices.

A photo, sculpture or painting of a running horse can also be used as a décor item in the house along with using its Fengshui powers. Listed below are the 3 best directions or corners of the house where a Fengshui running horse can be placed:

• The south direction of homes or offices is considered the best spot to place the running horses.

• If it is not possible to place a running horse symbol in the south direction, then the north area of the home or office is considered the second best area. Using it with a Western Bagua brings in career growth.

• If you are lucky enough to have a horse as your Chinese Zodiac sign, then placing a running horse in your lucky direction will bring in success.