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Fengshui Wish Cow

Fengshui Wish Cow In India as well as Nepal cow is considered as a holly animal and people worship this animal in several ways. This calm and holly animal holds a great loving place in everyone’s heart. Fengshui is well known for its adorable creation of sculptures and Fenshui Wish Cow is one of those.

Feng Shui art work represent wish fulfilling cow as a symbol of descendant luck and it holds faith of millions of people throughout the world. Still, very few people are aware about the true aspects and significance of this holly wish cow sculpture. As per Buddhist culture, it is believed that if we treat this calm animal with kindness and do not eat beef then cow has incredible power to convert wishes into reality.

The wish fulfilling cow is observed to be sitting on a bed of ingots made up of gold and the I-Ching coins. You can prefer to place it anywhere at home as well as in office to welcome luck and happiness to your life. You will also find calves near this wish fulfilling cow that use to signify luck. This sculpture is definitely a great gift for the childless couples that wish to have a child soon.

From ancient times, cow is considered as essential part of human life. It blesses human beings in several ways and rewards for the hard work. In addition, this holy animal sitting on bed of coins is believed to bring success to the examinations as well as for business. If you are involved in stock market and investments then this Fengshui wish cow is probably the best product for you.

If you prefer to place it in the office then it can enhance great fortune while sitting on the bed of gold coins near your desk. At home, this wish granting cow is essentially placed at South East sector of the area. This fact is associated with the old belief that south east direction is more related to wealth and hence this product is desired to be placed in that direction.

Cow is related to Indian culture and it is believed to bring the piece to the surroundings. If environment in your home stays stressful all the time then it is good to buy this holy sculpture as soon as possible and place it at entrance point to welcome piece into your house. There are so many beliefs associated with this gentle animal and in Hindi culture; people use to worship it on several occasions. The feng shui artists have created this product with amazing art work and it represents great sense of creativity. If you place it at home, it will definitely look attractive and guests will also love to appreciate it in your living room display section. It is reasonably priced and well designed so the best recommendation is to order this product now and locate a special place to it in your home. Prefer to buy one additional piece for your office to welcome never ending wealth and success for your business.