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Feng-Shui Windchimes


Feng-Shui Windchimes Fengshui is a commonly followed Chinese faith. It is based on the sole objective of symphonising with the external environment. ‘Fengshui’ is a Chinese word which perfectly translates into ‘wind-water’ in English. Through the principles of astronomy and metaphysics, Fengshui uses various instruments to channel positive energy into the environment. The original instrument that was used was a gnomon. One of the extensively used Fengshui equipments are windchimes.

Windchimes are instruments made of six rods suspended together with a thread, and erected by a canopy placed at the top, from where the threads start. The rods are made of materials like wood and metal, depending on the type of faith that people follow. These rods are packed with rock crystals, and then the wind chimes are hung in a well-ventilated area. The wind gently tugs at the rods, causing the crystals to come in contact with them. Its all done very strategically because due to this strong bond between the two, the most melodious and satisfying sound can be heard.


Windchimes are looked upon as mediators of altruistic energy between the physical word and its spiritual counterpart. Its vibrations are indicators of prosperity and happiness. The three most important factors that are imperative for the working of a windchime are: the material that they’re made of, the symbols representing them and the numbers denoting them. These are generally made of materials like wood and metal, which are location sensitive. A metal windchime has to be placed either in the west, northwest or north while a windchime made of either wood or bamboo is placed in the east, southeast or south. These directions are strict and specific, and if there’s any mixture or confusion between the two, it is considered as an ill omen.

In the language of Fengshui, it is said to weaken or damage the site of the area where these are present. There are variegated symbols that embody windchimes. For instance, the ‘Chin Lin windchime’, symbolises protection and the ‘Mystic Knot’, a passage for the flow of abundant energy while a clay windchime with hearts intertwined together, represents love and marriage. As if the specificity wasn’t sufficient enough, numbers too have a paramount role to play. Chimes with 6-8 bells are useful in increasing the quantity of benign energy in the surrounding, filling it with an aura of purity, while chimes with 5 bells, hold back all of the negative energy.

In a manner that the holy tunes of temple bells, bring out optimistic vibes inside Hindus, windchimes work in a similar manner for their Buddhist followers. As the rock crystals softly tow against the rods, the sound that we hear, is emitted with much consonance, as the spiritual Fengshui energy, ‘CHI’ is seeping through us and replenishing our souls with a lifetime of happiness, plenteousness, and good health, making us feel blessed by how greatly it affected us, through its delicate, dulcet notes.