Astrology Birth Chart

7 March, 1850 Planet Position For Ujjain, India at 5:30 A.M.
Planet Sign / Degree Direction Nakshatra (Constellation) Phase Sign Lord & House Nakshatra Lord & House Speed (Deg / Day) Exaltation / Debilitation Nature
Ascendant Capricorn 29° 42' 16" DHANISHTHA 2 SATURN MARS
Sun Aquarius 24° 19' 58" Dir. POORVABHADRAPAD 2 SATURN JUPITER 0.9997
Moon Sagittarius 7° 4' 15" Dir. MOOLA 3 JUPITER KETU 11.8751
Mercury Capricorn 27° 4' 24" Dir. DHANISHTHA 2 SATURN MARS 1.0653
Venus Aquarius 25° 18' 9" Dir. POORVABHADRAPAD 2 SATURN JUPITER 1.2479
Mars Gemini 4° 57' 27" Dir. MRIGASHIRA 4 MERCURY MARS 0.3664 Nutral
Jupiter Leo 26° 39' 31" Ret. PURVA PHALGUNI 4 SUN VENUS -0.1301
Saturn Pisces 16° 0' 20" Dir. UTTARABHADRAPAD 4 JUPITER SATURN 0.1198
Rahu (True) Leo 0° 59' 37" MAGHA 1 SUN KETU Nutral
Ketu (True) Aquarius 0° 59' 37" DHANISHTHA 3 SATURN MARS
Uranus Aries 2° 17' 45" Dir. ASHWANI 1 MARS KETU 0.0479 Enemy
Neptune Aquarius 13° 10' 17" Dir. SHATBHISHA 2 SATURN RAHU 0.0374
Pluto Aries 5° 40' 12" Dir. ASHWANI 2 MARS KETU 0.0181 Mool-Trikona Friend

Please Note: This Horoscope result is only for general information and only for those people who do not know their Birth place Or Birth time. In astrology, cordinates Of Birth place, Birth Date And Birth Time are essential elements for any Horoscope. So, click here To see detail Horoscope based On Indian Astrology according To your Birth place, Date And Time.

Natal Chart

Planet Aspects
Ascendant Me(0°) Ma(240°) Ju(150°) Ra(180°)
Sun Ju(180°)
Moon Ma(180°) Ra(120°) Ur(240°) Pl(240°)
Mercury Ma(240°) Ju(150°) Ra(180°)
Venus Su(0°) Me(30°) Ju(180°)
Mars Mo(180°) Me(120°) Ke(120°) Ur(60°) Pl(60°)
Jupiter Su(180°) Ve(180°)
Saturn Ke(45°)
Rahu (True) Mo(240°) Me(180°) Ma(60°) Sa(135°) Ke(180°) Ur(120°) Pl(120°)
Ketu (True) Me(0°) Ma(240°) Ra(180°)
Uranus Mo(120°) Me(60°) Ra(240°) Ke(60°)
Pluto Mo(120°) Ra(240°) Ke(60°) Ur(0°)

Some Facts Related to You

Your Sun Sign is AQUARIOUS Your Moon Sign is SAGITARIOUS
Your Ascendant Is CAPRICORN Your Ascendant Lord is SATURN
Your Ascendant Nakshatra is DHANISHTHA Your Ascendant Nakshatra Lord is MARS
Your Moon Nakshatra is MOOLA Your Moon Nakshatra Lord is KETU
Your SUN Nakshatra is POORVABHADRAPAD Your SUN Nakshatra Lord is JUPITER
Your Lucky Number is 6, 5 and 6 Your Lucky Color is Light Blue and cream
Your Lucky Day is Wednesday and Friday Your Lucky Gem Stone is Emerald