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Guna Milaan or Match Making in Indian Astrology

One of the most essential parts of life is Marriage where a girl and a boy get together by following several rituals and they start a married life as per socially accepted terms. This stage is well known as the beginning of Grahast Jeevan(Marriage Life). Few years ago, such relations were observed to last longer as partner use to have better understanding with each other but as per today’s social scenario, there are more breakups.

Marriages become successful when partners are able to share a balanced, harmonious and healthy relation with each other. The relations that are build these days use to have lower success rate and the biggest trouble is caused by the ego problems. Most of people these days are having a deep desire of independence in their thoughts and this is common with females. This thought process often causes breakups as partners are not able to sacrifice their desires for each other.

During ancient times, society use to have major concern with astrology and the systematic match making process was given special attention for making decisions about married life. But with time, people started losing their faith in astrology and today’s youngsters often neglect the principles of match making. Love marriages are on peak these days and no one is interested to consult astrological charts for good records. Probably, this is the biggest reason behind most of broken relations. It is right time to understand the process of match making that is really valuable for Hindi culture and it must be followed for taking final decisions about marriages.

What is Guna Milan or Match Making?

Guna Milan is well known as 8 fold Vedic test approach that was followed in ancient times for deciding match between male and female. It uses to follow the astrological charts that are prepared as per placement of moon planet in one’s Kundali.

The Natal Charts of males and females are designed separately and then they are compared to test the compatibility level with eight different techniques. All these tests use to have different scores. Although, one can attain different range of points in all tests but at an average this 8 fold test use to have maximum score equal to 36. These scores are based on the compatibility between male and female as per their horoscope and zodiac signs. The minimum recommended score for reasonable match is 18 and experts do not allow marriages if the overall score falls below 18.

Another essential consideration for this match making process is Manglik Match that is completely based on Mars Consideration. This factor is quite useful for making decision about successful marriage life and it also works individually for both partners. Note that, beyond Guna Milan, it is also essential to perform matching of whole horoscope. Studies reveal that when horoscopes are not matched appropriately then partners can have divorce in future, they may share an unhappy life or there will be lots of differences in their opinions. So, in order to have a successful married life it is essential to consult professionals for complete horoscope matching.

Here are few essential points that one need to consider while taking decision about a match:

 Go through the strength of horoscope for marriage front.
 One needs to keep in mind the age of both partners.
 Go through the possibility of Vaidhay or Vidhur Yog that is also known as Widow Hood Yoga.
 Capture the deep details about prosperity and similar kind of related stuff.
 Matching the malefic planets that have major impact on marital houses as per horoscope.
 Going through the matching process of married life houses as defined by horoscope.
 Dasha sandhi.
 Dosh Samveyam.
 Astkot Matching Yog that is strictly followed for Vishkanya.
 Mathcing the Manglik Dosha.
 Transit Matching.
 Dasha Matching.

In case, if there are few troubles in match making then one need to study related possible solutions and remedies.

Modern Relevance of Guna Milan:

Although, these astrological tests are framed almost 3000 years ago and they are based on social norms but the professionals have also developed the new insights based on them that can be made applicable to current society. You can have a deep knowledge about how one can apply his own knowledge over individual scores of these tests and it can be related to different aspects of their personal relationships.

As the technique is completely based on the old and well proven practices so today also it is having big relevance with married life. The modern kundali analysis gathers information about differences in partner’s nature and personality with certain well established astrological tools and the analysis is made on quantitative basis. All these tests are proven to be highly relevant and accurate for describing the compatibility level of couples and it also defines the strengths and weaknesses of any relationship.

Analysis over Match Making Scoring System:

As already discussed that all the Vedic tests sum up to the maximum score of 36 points and when a couple has score below 18 then it is advised to reject that match. When score falls in the range of 18 to 24 then match is considered acceptable; the average score between 25 and 32 leads to very good match whereas score above 32 depicts excellent match. But the fact is that when both persons are highly compatible or are of same nature then also it does not lead to long term relationship so astrological principles advise to test several other factors too.

Studies reveal that when chart of women rates higher for physical, mental and intellectual powers as compared to male chart then the test will follow a low score and match fails. These tests also consider the ability of a woman to become mother. It is advised to go through these charts with deep details so that matches can be well rated on the basis of their weaknesses, strengths, ego and personality. All these factors play major role for growing, caring and nurturing a healthy life over time.

8 Major Tests to be performed during Match Making Process:

First Test - Mental Compatibility:
This test use to have maximum score equal to 1 and it depicts the inherent abilities and skills of a person. It also rates the compatibility on the basis of egos level of both partners. If this test shows higher rating for spiritual and intellectual qualities of women then the score is going to fall on lower side. This Test is also named as Varna.

Second Test - Power Compatibility:
The second test has maximum score rating equal to 2 and it interprets the power equation of both partners. It reflects details about who is going to be the dominant partner among both. When women has higher status for power then score goes to lower side. This test is well known as Vasya.

Third Test - Birth Star Compatibility:
The third test is also named as Tara and it has 3 point score that depends upon well being, health and compatibility between partners after marriage. The points in this test are determines as per the inauspicious and auspicious birth stars of both partners.

Fourth Test – Sexual and Physical Compatibility:
The fourth test, on Yoni Test is having maximum 4 point score and it deals with the biological and sexual compatibility of both partners. It has major concern with the reflecting attractions of partners towards sexual and love inclinations.

Fifth Test – Planetary Harmony:
The Graha-Maitri test has maximum score equal to 5 points for match making. It has major focus on mutual affection, mental qualities and prospects between partners. This test also deals with the intellectual level, objectives, outlook and spiritual plane for existence of both partners. The fundamental differences between attitude levels, behaviour and norms of man and woman are also included here.

Sixth Test – Compatibility of Nature:
The Gana test is assigned maximum score of 6 points and it considers the compatibility on the basis of temperament as well as mutual daily behaviour for happiness and prosperity in life. Here also, if women scores higher for spirituality then overall points fall to the lower side.

Seventh Test – Compatibility between Zodiac Moon Signs:
The Bhakut Test is rated with maximum 7 points and it is one of the most important tests for checking level of economic prosperity, family welfare and growth after marriage. This compatibility is measured by testing the angles developed by the charts of both partners.

Eighth Test – Compatibility for Life Forces:
The Nadi test use to have highest rating with the maximum allowable score of 8 for Guna Milan. It basically deals with nervous energy of partners that has deep relation with heredity and physiological factor. This test help to measure the actual genetic compatibility level for couple so that they can lead a healthy progeny with their marriage. In case of few relationships where couples are not interested to have kids, one can completely discard this score otherwise it is one of the major determining factor for taking decision about best match.

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