Joy Dev Mitra is the person who has developed most of the software used by the website He is a sincere and erudite professional holding excellent academic credentials with MBA in IT, backed by Certificate in Intellectual Property Rights as well as Cyber Law and MSc in IT and the zeal to make a winning career across the IT sector in the domain of software development. With keen technical acumen, he possess comprehensive knowledge of Object oriented as well as Procedural programming. In his last assignment as Software Developer, he has gained knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle with focus on requirement analysis, design analysis, development planning, tools & technology selection, estimation, code/design review, unit testing, UI design and delivery. Not just satisfied with classroom exercises, he has sought practical hands on academic assignments namely Electronic Panchang, Ephemeris & kundli (MSc - IT) and Online Panchang, Ephemeris & kundli (MBA - IT) using VB.Net, SQL Server, Php, MySQL. He is technically proficient with Language (C, C++, PHP,,, Java), Operating system (Windows-9X, XP, Vista, 7, 8), Tools (MS Office) and Database (Oracle 9i, Mysql, SQL server). He possess strong understanding of requirement mapping/ documentation, project planning/ scope definition, custom designing solutions & troubleshooting coupled with technical skills in various languages, databases, operating systems and web tools. Focused and pragmatic with solid relationship management skills, he is confident of interacting with clients, assessing their business requirements and delivering appropriate IT solutions. The main objective is always to work in close coordination with the team on projects and successfully meet the requirements of the clients, utilizing the latest technology, processes and applications. With trail of professional brilliance, he has solid confidence of using his technical capabilities to handle any critical assignment and contribute to overall IT Management and Software Development. He has developed sophisticated algorithms to generate location based Panchang and Ephemeris within fraction of a second. is a result of his great effort to mix-up Vedic astrology with modern web technology.