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Twelve Face Rudraksha (seed of Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree mainly find in India & Nepal) contains the power of Lord Vishnu and twelve Aditya (Sun). It is known as ' Adityarudraksha' (Because this Rudraksha is considered as a form of Lord Sun). A person who holds this Rudraksha become robust, scrumptious and charming. A person having a desire to rule, must hold the twelve face Rudraksha. By this, he gets success. This Rudraksha destroys impoverishment. By using twelve face Rudraksha, heart disease, lung disease, Skin disease and bowel related diseases keep away. By wearing twelve face Rudraksha in neck and chanting this mantra ‘Om Hrin Shree Ghrani Surya Aditya Shrin Hrin Om’ daily, Lord Surya (Sun) becomes pleased and diseases are eradicated. It is also helpful in to find a job. Twelve Face Rudraksha is like a boon for frustrated patients. This Rudraksha should be hold by chanting the mantra ‘Om Kron Shron Ron Namah’.