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beesa yantra

Bisa Yantra is considered as a sign of strength. Bisa Yantra destroyes various types of fears like- burglar phobia, phantom phobia, enemy fear, disease fear, accident fear etc. This Yantra can be used in any way, whether it can be installed in a temple or can keep in a purse or pocket. Bisa Yantra should be prepared according to classical method in Laabh Choghadiya of Ravi-Pushya, Ravi-Hasta, Guru-Pushya, Navratri, Dhanteras, Diwali or Sun-Moon-eclipse. In auspicious time of day (Shubh Muhurat), a pen should be made from pomegranate branch. This Yantra should be draw on Bhojpatra or on in plain paper in the unavailability of Bhojpatra with Ashtgandh or saffron inks. To increase sales and to remove barriers in business, this ‘Shree Durga Beesa Yantra' should be placed in the store or factory by the businessman or shop keeper. Mantra which is used for awaking (Jagrat) this Yantra is as follows :-

OM Aing Haring Kalinga Chamunday Vichhai