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Two face Rudraksha (seed of Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree mainly find in India & Nepal) is considered as a form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. It contains the nature of Ardha-narishwar (form of half a man and half a woman) and Moon's coldness is received. By holding this Rudraksha in any part of body, mental peace and mutual love and harmony in family remains stable. If continuous loss in work and business, holding two face Rudraksha will be beneficial. This Rudraksha has special effect on mind, intellect and discretion. Those people who have mutual estrangement in their marital life, through holding this Rudraksha by both husband and wife in neck, shortly differences among them ends and the spirit of unity and mutual love looks to be strengthened. Those boys and girls who have hindrance in the marriage, by holding this Rudraksha can achieve good result. This Rudraksha gives relief from many physical disease such as obesity, cardiac defects etc. Two face Rudraksh is beneficial for Cancerian. Simplest mantra to hold two face Rudraksha is ‘Om Namah’. But traditionally, two face Rudraksha should be hold on Monday by chanting the mantra ‘Om Ardhanarishwar Devay Namah’.