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Eleven Face Rudraksha (seed of Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree mainly find in India & Nepal) is considered as a symbol of the Lord Hanuman. It gives the ability to the holder to make the right decisions. It offers strength and wisdom and makes body solid and healthy. It is also very effective in meditation and industriousness. For those wishing to be settled in abroad, holding of this Rudraksha is beneficial. The holder of this Rudraksha does not have fear of untimely demise. Knowledge and devotion is achieved by holding this. For those, perpetual conflict persist in their lives, take the wrong decision because of impatience, always trouble persist in their brain for which they feel humiliation and insult for themselves or often incur insult for any reason, all these people must hold Eleven Face Rudraksha. It is extremely auspicious Rudraksha in husband's safety, his longevity, advancement and achievement of good fortune. Eleven Face Rudraksha is very effective in meditation of asthma and respiratory related illnesses, in making of body healthy and strong, in cure of neurological disorders and to destroy infectious diseases. Eleven Face Rudraksha should be hold by chanting the mantra ‘Om Hin Hem Namah’.