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Shri Hanuman Yantra

Shri Hanuman Yantra (instrument) is used to begin new tasks and to achieve success in this, to remove obstacles in any venture, to remove obstacle from black magic, witchcraft, ghosts, vampires, phantoms etc. It is also used for happiness, prosperity, power, courage, and victory in the war. Hanuman Yantra gives you the power to control your life. It also promotes your leadership qualities, by which you become able to lead any organization. It brings success, power and prosperity in your life. In morning, after being released from routines and bathing, wear red cloths. Sit on Kush (sacred grass used at certain religious ceremonies) or wool Sedilia. After this, put idol of Lord Hanuman or photo of this Yantra in front of you and worship this with vermilion, rice, red flowers, incense, lamp etc. Offer Motichoor (Bundi) Laddoo (A type of Indian sweet) to Lord Hanuman. Read the following verses with floral hand:-

Atulita baladhamam hema sailabhadeham,
danuja-vana krshanum jnaninamagraganyam ।
Sakala gunanidhanam vanaranamadhisam,
raghupati priyabhaktam vatajatam namami ||

Thereafter, pay the flower. After this, contemplate Lord Hanuman and read text of Hanuman Chalisa. At last, chant 108 times of this mantra ‘Hun Hanumate Rudratmakaaye Hun Phat’ with red sandalwood beads daily.