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Ketu Yantra

According to Vedic astrology, Ketu is responsible for too many bad events in our lives. Ketu is also responsible for surgery, debt, accident, sudden fall and family affairs etc. The adverse conditions of Ketu in a horoscope is extremely dangerous. The adverse effect can be reduced to some extend by worship of Ketu Yantra (Instrument). Auspicious effect of Ketu Yantra can provide very good result to a person related to his education. A person, who is taking any type of education, especially higher education in which advocacy and administrative service preparation is also included, can achieve special benefits by using this instrument because Ketu have an impact on these two areas. The auspicious effects of Ketu Yantra can benefit a lot who want to progress in the field of spiritualism because spiritual advancement directly comes under the ambit of the general characteristics of Ketu. Even on the physical level, use of Ketu Yantra can provide many types of benefits to a person such as a person who comes under the auspicious influence of this instrument, can attain a high position in any government institution or even in a government itself. A person who is facing problems related to child birth, birth of a child can take place in his home through worship of this Ketu Yantra. Lord Ganesha should also be worshiped with Ketu Yantra. During worship of Ketu Yantra, devotee should chant the mantra ‘Om Ken Ketve Namah’.