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Mahakali Yantra (Instrument) is very useful in enemy destruction, Government Affairs, court case or to defeat opponents. By regular worship of this Yantra, a person gets victory everywhere. Mahakali Yantra, which is made in auspicious Muhurat and installed by recitation of proved mantra, provides universal victory and attraction power to devotee and removes all barriers. A man suffering with court-cases, enemy barrier, evil barrier etc. must worship Mahakali Yantra daily. Asthami (eight day after New Moon) of Hindu month Chaitra, Aashad, Ashwin and Maagh is most suitable for installation of this instrument and industriousness of Maha Kali. Install Mahakali Yantra in worship room and chant eleven beads Maha kali mantra daily after ‘Panchopchar’ (The presenting of an oblation to an idol of five articles, viz., Gandha, Pushpa, Dhoop, Deep & Naivedya) worship.

Maha Kali Mantra :- Om Krin Kalikaye Namah