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Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra

Mahmritunjaya Yantra is an impenetrable armor for human life. This Yantra destroys the fear of premature death from illness or accident, etc. It destroys the physical and mental suffering. Worship of this Yantra in the holy month of Sawan gives special results. This Yantra is used for impending retirement of diseases and longevity. After the worship of this Yantra, by drinking of it’s Charnamrit, person remain healthy. Through the sprinkle of its anointed water at home, all family members’ remains healthy, home is not invaded with disease and upper winds. Vedokt mantra of Mahamrityunjaya is as follows -

Tryambkan Yjamahe Sugndhin Pustivardhanm, Urwarukmiv Bndhnanmrityormuksiy Mamritat.

After draw this Yantra on bhoj patra (birch bark leaf) with red sandal ink and quince wood pen (Bel ki daali) in any auspicious time or in Eclipse period, worship this Yantra. Through this whole diseases will destroy and there will be peace and happiness in family.