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Shree Navdurga Yantra

Through the installation and worship of Navdurga Yantra (Instrument) with reverence, one can get rid of many troubles. Navdurga Yantra can be installed at home, shop, vehicle, institution etc. There are many benefits from the effects of this instrument and worship method is very simple so everyone can do it successfully and can take benefit. By this instrument, one can get rid of thief fear, phantom fear, enemy fear, disease fear, fastening fear, etc. This instrument should be draw on copper plate with red ink. Although this instrument can be installed any day by simple worship yet special accomplishment of this instrument are done on Bhaumavasya (New moon falls on Tuesday) before sunrise (2 hours). To worship this instrument, only Navdurga Mantra is used.

Navdurga Mantra :- Om Navdurga Namah

Nav Durga Mool Mantra

Mool Mantra for Shailputri Devi

Om Devi Shailputryai Swaha

Mool Mantra for Brahmcharini Devi

Om Devi Brahmcharinyai Namah

Mool Mantra for Chandraghanta Devi

Om Devi Chandraghantayayi Namah

Mool Mantra for Kushmanda Devi

Om Devi Kushmandayayi Namah

Mool Mantra for Skandamata Devi

Om Devi Skandmatayayi Namah

Mool Mantra for Katyayani Devi

Om Devi Katyayanyayi Namah

Mool Mantra for Kalratri Devi

Om Devi Kalratryayi Namah

Mool Mantra for Mahagauri Devi

Om Devi Mahagauryayi Namah

Mool Mantra for Siddhidatri Devi

Om Devi Siddhidatryayi Namah

Nav Durga Beej Mantra

Beej Mantra for Shailputri Devi

Hrim Shivaiye Namah

Beej Mantra for Brahmcharini Devi

Hrim Shreem Ambikaayai Namah

Beej Mantra for Chandraghanta Devi

Aim Shreem Shaktyai Namah

Beej Mantra for Kushmanda Devi

Aim Hrim Devyai Namah

Beej Mantra for Skandamata Devi

Hrim Kleem Svaaminyai Namah

Beej Mantra for Katyayani Devi

Kleem Shreem Trinetryai Namah

Beej Mantra for Kalratri Devi

Kleem Aim Shreem Kaalikaayai Namah

Beej Mantra for Mahagauri Devi

Shreem Kleem Hrim Varadaayai Namah

Beej Mantra for Siddhidatri Devi

Hrim Kleem Aim Siddhaie Namah