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navgraha Yantra

Navgraha Yantra mitigates the adverse impacts of planets and increases the favorable effects. If Navagraha (Nine Planet) is unfavorable, each task appears to be failure. In such a situation, through the worship of Navgraha Yantra, favorable yield of nine planet can be achieved shortly. After installing the Navgraha Yantra in worship room, you have to do 172 days of worship of this Yantra. If you are capable enough, install a golden lamp on heap of granules, install a second lamp made with silver on heap of rice. Third copper lamp should be installed on heap of lentils. Fourth bronze lamp, should be installed on heap of gram pulse. Install the fifth iron lamp on heap of black urad. Use Goghrit (clarified butter from cow milk) in silver and gold lamps, sesame oil in the Copper and bronze lamp and mustard oil in iron lamp. After lighting the lamp, offer flowers whether red or yellow according to your faith, to this Yantra. After offering of flowers, read five time the navagraha stotra text in sitting posture on blanket. After this, chant one bead of Gayatri mantra, one bead of Mahamritunjaya Mantra and one bead of mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah’. Do this regularly 172 days in morning and evening. Through this experiment, prosperity will come to your life and your work will complete effectively.