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rahu yantra Yantra

If Rahu is unfavorable in the horoscope, one gets failure only in every task. In this case, through installation of Rahu Yantra (Instrument) in movable or immovable form or through the worship of this instrument, one receives favorable result shortly. Rahu Yantra can also provide auspicious results like permanently settlement in abroad or go to abroad for doing work/business because going to abroad for work/business or settlement in abroad is happened due to the influence of Rahu. Professionals like engineers, lawyers, lecturers, researchers, scientists, searchers etc. should use Rahu Yantra because on all these professions have the grace of Rahu. Apart from this, use of Rahu Yantra can also provide auspicious result related to specific characteristics of Rahu to any person in his horoscope. For example, if in horoscope of any person, Rahu shows his marriage and marriage life, auspicious effect of Rahu Yantra can provide auspicious result related to his marriage to such person. By this, marriage of such person can held with any girl living abroad who can become the basis for settling in abroad of that person after marriage. Such person may receive a variety of benefits from in-laws after marriage.

Rahu Mantra :- Om Bhran Bhrin Bhron Sah Rahve Namah

Chant Rahu Mool (Fundamental) mantra 18,000 times in 40 days.