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santan gopal Yantra

Those who have obstacles in child birth or the desire to have children, they should do industriousness of Santan Gopal Mantra by installing Santan Gopal Yantra (instrument) at home. If you worship Santan Gopal Yantra, adverse effects on this side (progeny) of your marriage life can be eradicated. Worship of this Yantra helps you in your dreams become true. It brings happiness and joy in your life. Santan Gopal Yantra should be installed and worshiped on ‘Guru Pushya Nakshtra’ (The eighth lunar asterism which falls on Thursday according to Hindu Lunisolar month). After this, by reading of ‘Santan Gopal Stotra’ daily, soon birth of a child with excellent quality takes place in house. As such children are always devoted to serve their parents. By installing Santal Gopal Yantra in Byre (cow sheds) and faithfully chanting the mantra of Gopal-Krishna, soon barren woman can also give birth a child who is endowed with all the properties.

Mantra – Om Srin Hrin Clin Gloun Devkisut Govind Vasudev Jagatpte, Dehi mei Tanyan Krishna Twamahn Sarnam Gatah.

Wondrous result is achieved within a month by chanting 55 beads or as much as possible of this mantra.