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saraswati yantra

Shri Saraswati Yantra (Instrument) is used to get auspicious result in education field, knowledge, lore, art, music, singing, speech skills and to fulfill lots of other wishes. If you want to make carrier in various fields of music, dance and art, Shri Saraswati Yantra is beneficial for you. ‘Chal Pratistha’ (ceremony of putting life into an idol by the recitation of certain mantras) is reasonable for this Yantra. Vasant Panchami (festival held on the 5th of the light half of the Hindu month Magha) is the best day for making Saraswati Yantra. Saraswati Yantra should be draw on birch bark with ‘Anaar Ki Kalam’ (A type of pen made with Pomegranate wood) and ‘Ashtagandha’ (A type of ink made with eight odor). For ink, Ganges water should be used. By keeping this instrument in study room after ritual worship, your confidence will grow and memory will increase. While holding this Yantra, chant the mantra ‘Gran Grin Gron Sah Guruve Namah’ eleven times. Read text of Saraswati Stotra or Saraswati Chalisa on Thursday. The power of this instrument remains 4 years 4 months so keep changing it at fixed time intervals.