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shani yantra

Shani Yantra (Saturn Instrument) is used to reduce the defect created by inauspicious Saturn in any horoscope or for their prevention. Apart from this, Shani Yantra is used to receive benefits associated with general and specific characteristics of Saturn. Saturn gives failure in many tasks when adverse. Troublesome increases by sometimes auto accident, sometimes postpone travel or tribulation etc. when Saturn is adverse. In these situations, through installation and worship of planetary adverse effect remover Shani Yantra devoutly, one can get many benefits. Shani Yantra is very beneficial for Death, debt, litigation, losses, damages, bone of leg etc., and people suffering from many disease. Even working professional get promotion by effect of Saturn so it is very useful instrument. Install Shani Yantra devoutly in your house and light daily mustard oil lamp in front of this instrument. Offer blue or black flowers. You will get benefit from doing so. With this, read text of ‘Shani Stotra’ or chant the mantra ‘Om Shan Shanaishcharaye Namah’ daily. Instrument made in silver locket, should be hold on Saturday evening in black thread after worship.