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shree yantra

It is believed that regular worship of Shri Yantra in the house gives all round prosperity keeps rising. This Yantra is used for growth of wealth, fund acquisition, debt related to money, lottery, get money by betting etc. Regular reading of Shree Sukta in front Shree Yantra gives all round prosperity keeps rising in the house. Through placing this Yantra in front of a lamp and by putting a wells dry Velptr immersed in oil in samidha, Maa Bhagwati is pleased shortly.

The Beej mantra:- Shri hring shri kamale kamalalaye prasida prasida shri hring shri mahalaksmyai namah.

The chanting of the beeja mantra can be from 21,000 to 1.25 lakh times. After chanting, one should must perform dashansh (1/10 part) havan, dashansh Tarpan (Immersion) and dashansh marjan(scrub).