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Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are worshiped as the Trishakti (three powers of universe), three facing Rudraksh (seed of Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree mainly found in India & Nepal) represents these three powers of universe and it is believed as a form of lord Agni (God of fire). Three face Rudraksha is also called Mahamrityunjaya Rudraksha and Dattatreya Rudraksha. All kinds of diseases can be eradicated by holding this Rudraksha. It is especially beneficial in jaundice disease. Three face Rudraksh keeps person active. It gives freedom from unemployment. By holding three face Rudraksh, the sin of killing a woman is distroyed. Keep some beads of three face Rudraksha in a copper pot filled with water. By drinking this rudraksh water empty stomach each 24 hour interval in morning, one can get relief from various types of skin disease. If anyone wants to get relief from latent disease, erode this three face Rudraksha on stone and apply this paste on navel. Kudos can be achieved and all desires can be fulfilled by chanting this three face Rudraksha beads.