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Vastu Dosha Nivarana Yantra

If somewhere in the House, Office or store has the Vastu Dosha (architectural according to vastu Shastra), it can be resolved by using Vastu Dosha Nivarana Yantra. Generally several measures are taken to delight Vastu Dev (God of Architecture), if an architectural fault occurs in any construction. In all these measures, Vastu Yantra is most simple and useful. Through the installation of this Yantra, architectural defect can be eliminated and prosperity in that area can be increased. Vastu Yantra is highly prevalent and effective to overcome financial constraints, diseases, mental problems or rift in the family. Without sabotaging, only through the proper use of divine Vastu Yantra, home or workplace can be free from negative energy. This Yantra contains divine supernatural powers with the mantras. This instruments (Yantra) can be placed in the worship place, office, home, shop, the School, Factory, warehouse, shopping malls etc. Through keeping and regular worship of this Yantra, there is always an increase in money and one can get success. This Yantra can be made with plain paper, bhoj patra (birch bark) or copper-silver. It does not require any special worship to install (Sthapana).

Chant 21 times this mantra :- Om ang hrim krom kurmasanaya namah

Then this yantra should be purified with Panchamrita and holy water. Wrap this with yellow or saffron color cloth and keep it in your home or in a temple. Through the effect of this device, architectural flaw in the home, Office or store will expire automatically.