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Shape and Size of Plot in Vastu

Important Tips on Shape and Size of Plot in Vastu

Vastu is an old science which has recently gained recognition and acclamation from people. It cannot be denied that we are surrounded by energies which is sometimes positive and sometimes negative and it’s also true that we cannot control our circumstances, but what we can do is modify things around us and rectify it to make things better. Vastu Shastra is that art which helps us use cosmic energies for our benefit.

There is a popular belief that people around us and things around us have their own energy and this energy strongly influences us in myriads of ways, whether it’s our health, behavior, psychology or even the environment we are living, these energies influence it all . Vastu Shastra is a way to divert this energy in a positive direction.

When we are talking so much about it then how can we leave behind our own house where we live and spend the maximum time. You would have often heard that the shape of the plot where the house is built is very important. Most of the time the elderly people tell us that one should buy East facing house and the reason for this is simple, the East facing house tend to face sun for a longer time which means more solar energy which is a great source of Vitamin D and it also carries positive energy which means you house will be filled with a lot of positive vibe. Similarly there are other aspects which influence the energy of the house.

If you are buying a plot, its important that you take into consideration various factors in mind, the likes of which include :

1. Shape of the plot
2. The front of the plot is facing which direction
3. The projections and extensions of the plot

Here we will be analyzing different shapes of the plot and what impact does it have on our life. I am sure after reading this you will have a fair idea about what kind of plot shape you should buy and which one has to be avoided.

Now that you know the importance of Vastu and how it affects your life and lifestyle. Did you know that even the shape of the land influences the growth and prosperity? Here we have prepared a complete guideline which defines which type of land is suitable for which purpose. This will help you finalise the right type of land for your house or commercial complex. Before I proceed ahead, I would again like to emphasize the point that Vastu is more of a science which has a logic and reason behind everything.

What are the different shpaes of the plots and how do they impact your life ?
So let's get started-

Here we have mentioned some of the most popular type of plot sizes available and the ones people buy , however, this may tend to differ in some cases. All the descrpitio mentioned here are as per the Vastu experts . So, if you are planning to buy a new plot or already purchased one, we suggest having a quick look at the following description :

Now let’s have a run through all these sites and their impact –

Square plot -
Square plotSuch a plot has all the four sides equal and are also known as CHADUSTAKONA plots in Vastu Shastra. These sites are considered to be filled with cosmic and magnetic energy which brings in a lot of prosperity and growth. If you are planning to buy a plot and get a square plot, you can buy it without worrying.

Rectangle plot -
Rectangle plotThey are known as ‘AYUDHA’ plots. As per Vastu Vidya, the rectangular plots which are in a ratio of 2:1 ie the length is twice the width is not considered good. However, if the length crosses the double of the width, it is considered auspicious and the plot tends to bring happiness, peace, growth and prosperity. For example, if you buy a rectangular plot whose width is 200 sq ft. then its length should be more than 400 sq.ft and not exactly 400 sq.ft. However, there are certain contradictions to this theory. Some Vastu experts believe that the length and width ration should be in the ratio of 2:1.

Another important factor that you should know is that in the rectangular plot if the longer side runs North to South rather than East to West, it is considered auspicious.

Triangular plot
Triangular plotThis is also one of the popular types of plot which is available for sale. As per Vastu Shastra the triangular plot is considered to be a centre for a lot of negative energies. Such a plot is considered to bring tension, fire accidents, disputes , trouble from the higher authorities and defame. All-in-all it is not advisable to invest in a triangular shaped plot, but, if you have

Circular Plot -
Circular plotWell if you this plot then you must consider consulting a Vastu expert. These plots are not considered to be good for construction of the house. They tend to bring in a lot of defaming but at some places, it has been observed that houses built on circular plots are showing a positive result and that may be because they are not surrounded by a compound wall.

Plots with more than 4 sides -
Multiside plot These plots are rare to find and Vastu experts hold differnet views regarding the impact of these types of plots on the life and lifestyle of people living in the house.Such plots are not considered to be good, however, the Vastu experts tend to have different views on this. For example, the octagon plot is considered good while the hexagon plot is considered to be bad.

Cow faced or Gau Mukhi Plot
Cow faced or Gau Mukhi Plot Such plots have a broader end and narrow front, similar to a cow and hence, has the name Gou Mukhi. These are considered to be extremely auspicious for building a house. It tends to bring in a lot of growth, peace and prosperity. The reason which makes this plot auspicious is that it can be used to build a square or rectangular shaped plot and the remaining area at the back can be used to make a garden or kitchen garden.

Lion-faced or Sher Mukhi Plot -
Lion Faced plot This type of plot has a broader front and narrow back and is considered to inauspicious.

Some other variations of plot types and its impact:

Sites with cut-corners in the North-East
North-East cut-corners plotThis is one of the most dreaded types of land considered by the Vastu experts. These plots are not considered to be good and I would also not personally suggest you buying this shaped plot.

Sites with projections/extensions in the North or East
North or East projections-extensions plot This is considered a good shape of land to build house and is known to be a hub for positive energies. If you getting a house constructed on a plot which had projections in the North East directions they are considered to be good, the reason behind this is that it allows the sun rays to come in the house and the projection in these directions allows you to have more extra space allowing more rays to come in the house.

Sites with projections/extensions in the North-West, South-East or South-West
North-West South-East or South-West projections-extensions plot Such sites are again not considered to be good but you can modify it by constructing a Vastu compound wall which will nullify the effect of negative energies.

Irregularly shaped sites
Irregularly shaped plotAny kind of irregular land is not considered good by the Vastu Shashtra. These sites are again not considered to be good for the constructing house, they have the negative effect on human psychology and may adversely affect your psychology and mindset. However, if you have ended up buying one then you can rectify the effect by constructing a rectangular or square shaped compound wall around.


All I can say that Vastu Shastra is a science which is slowly gaining pace and people are considering it buy their house or commercial complexes. The shape of the plot strongly influences the health, happiness, growth and prosperity of the house and its people. The aforementioned points is an overview of the type of plots available in the market and how they impact our lives and how few Vastu tips can help you gain more wealth, health and happiness. However, there can be many variations in the plots shapes, so if you end up having such a plot and are worried what will be its impact, it’s advisable to consult with a Vastu expert who can guide you on the same.

The aforementioned points are a generic perspective and some of the views may be different for different Vastu experts. The crux of the matter is that Vastu science cannot be ignored and if you know about it in advance, this science can be really helpful in developing your house and bringing in more prosperity in your life.

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