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Vastu for Balcony

What is Vastu for Balcony?

A balcony is one of the most beautiful parts of a house wherein a family can spend some precious moments over a cup of tea. In breezy weather, spending some quiet moments with your spouses in the balcony is quite blissful. If a house balcony overlooks a busy street down, it helps one catch a glimpse of the life outside.

But there are certain rules for the construction of a balcony in a house according to Vastu Shashtra. These tips will help maintain the peace and harmony of the house. Vastu is an ancient Indian science of the significance of directions and corners in a house.

Following below are some tips one must follow while constructing a balcony:

Location of the Balcony:

• It should be in the northern or eastern area of the house. One gets ample sunlight from morning to evening in this direction.
• The southern and the western location is too hot to sit and hence these directions should be avoided.
• Any balcony in the south or south-west direction of the house should be covered or broken down.
• Squares and rectangles are better shapes for balconies.

Furniture arrangements in Balcony:

• If one plans to put heavy furniture like cupboards, chairs and tables, then consider putting it in the western or southern corner of the balcony.
• Many people put a swing in the balcony. It should be placed in the east-west axis to avoid the direct sunlight on the person sitting on the swing. While placing the swing on the east-west axis the person sitting on it will be facing the north or south which as auspicious significance according to Vastu.
• Place small plants in the north-eastern side so that they get plenty of sunlight to grow. Constant and moderate sunlight will be provided in this direction which will help them thrive.
• Avoid keeping huge flower pots in the balcony and avoid pots with creepers. One can keep small pots in the balcony. Keeping big flower pots will only obstruct the light entering the balcony.
• It is ideal to keep a shoe-rack in the north-eastern direction of the balcony.

Positioning of the roof of a Balcony:

• Always remember that the height of balcony should be less or lower than that of the building. This not only looks aesthetically good and proportionate but it also has vastu significance.
• Avoid using asbestos or tin roofs for balconies as these only absorb heat and make the place very hot and uncomfortable.
• Balconies should never have arches and the corners should not be rounded as per Vastu Shastra.
• Roofs sloping towards south-west, south-east or south direction should be avoided.
These are some basic tips for the construction of a balcony in the house. If one is shifting to a pre-constructed flat, always make sure of the above mentioned guidelines for the balcony of the house. You can also consult a good vastu expert for some alternative solutions if the balcony is not placed properly in the house to avoid any kind of mishaps.

Vastu for Balcony

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