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Vastu for Entrance Gate

How To Make Your Entrance Gate A Vastu Compliant One

Many people wish to build an impressive entrance gate of their houses to attract the passersby. Be it in flats or bunglows, one often finds the entrance gates quite huge or aesthetically beautiful. But an entrance gate is a very important aspect of any house. The ancient science of Vastu Shastra has some guidelines on the construction of the entrance gate of the house to regulate who enters and exits the house and to also maximize the entry of happiness and prosperity in the house. Negativities also exit the house from this gate.

Following below are some tips one should adhere to while constructing the entrance gate in the house:

• Gates at the entrance should be heavier, bigger and stronger when compared to other doors in the house.
• The entrance is best constructed in the east or north side of the house.
• It should be kept clutter free and clean to enable positive energies to enter the house.
• The place should be well lit at all times and avoid darkness in the area.
• Never keep garbage or dustbins near the entrance of the house.
• Make sure that the doors do not make any noise.
• The entrance gate should never face any intersecting roads.
• The gate should always open indoors of any house.
• Make sure that there is no obstruction in entrance gates by things like wires, trees, poles or vehicles
• Decorating the main doors with a swastika symbol, flowers or the Om symbol brings in positive energy.
• The entrance gate should never face a temple.
• No wall should be directly obstructing the entrance gate.
• There should be no septic or under-water tanks below the main gates.
• In buildings, the lift should never face the entrance of a house.
• Never have a door which closes automatically.
• Try to construct a main gate with teak wood.
• The main door can be in 2 shutters and opening inside.
• It is auspicious if the main door is opening clockwise.
• Always keep a good and attractive name plate as this attracts positive energy.
• The main door of a house should not be below the ground level.
• It is good to have two main doors in a house; one for entry and one for exit.
• The exit door should be made smaller than the main door.
• The entrance should be at least a feet away from a corner in the house.
• The total number of doors or windows in the house should be even.
• Avoid slanting, circular or sliding entrance doors.
• Make sure there are no shadows on the main door of the house such as that of trees, vehicles and other buildings.
• Avoid placing temples directly in front of the main door of the house.
• Avoid arched main doors as they are said to distort the positive energy entering the house.
These are few guides and tips for the main entrance doors of a flat or a bungalow. One must follow these principles for the construction of a new house.

Vastu for Entrance Door

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