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Vastu for Guest Room

What is Vastu for Guest Room?

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of getting benefitted by proper use of directions in one’s house. There are many tips in vastu which help one get health, financial, marital, and academic and career benefits. For all those who are constructing a new house, there are certain tips that should be followed for location of the guest room in the house. Since ancient times, a guest is considered as God, in Indian mythology. It is necessary that the room for the guests is located in the right corner of the house to bring good relations and respect in regards to the guest.

These certain Vastu for Guest Room tips should be followed while constructing the Guest Room in the house:

• A guest room should not be constructed in the south-west corner of the house as that corner is only meant for the owner of the house.
• North-west direction is ideal for a guest room. This corner is for oscillation and movements. The guest will leave the place soon in good spirits.
• One can plan the guest room in the west or south direction too but a good vastu experienced person should be able to guide on this better and may offer a small alternative if the guest room has to be built in the west direction only.
• A guest room should have good ventilation and proper and airy windows. The northeast door should be in the east or north direction. The bed should be placed in the northwest direction. Guests sleeping in the northwest direction leave earlier than planned but with healthy relations. If you desire your guests to stay for long, then consider shifting the bed in the southwest direction.
• The bathroom of a guest room should be in the south west corner. A northwest facing guest room can have a bathroom in the northwest or southwest corner. A southeast facing guest room should have the toilet facing the same direction.
• A guest room in the Vayavya corner should have a big window in the Northeast corner facing the north or a window in the west direction.
• A southeast facing guest room is in the agneya corner and this room should have a window in the south or east direction.
• A western style commode in the toilet of a guest room should be facing the north or south.
• Change bed sheets when the guests are staying, arrange for drinking water every day only when guests are occupying the room and keep toiletries to provide him comfort.
• Keep light refreshments and snacks in the room so that the guest need not come out of his room at night and barge in your privacy.
• North or east facing rooms can also be made as guest rooms if no other alternative is there.
• The electronic items should be kept facing the southeast wall in a guest room.
• White, light pink shades or coral red are considered auspicious shades for the walls of the guest room.
• There should not be any beam running over the bed in the guest room.

Vastu for Guest Room

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