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Vastu for Stairs

Important Guidelines and Effective Remedies on Vastu for Stairs

The ancient science of vastu helps in bringing peace, prosperity and happiness in the house if followed correctly. It’s a simple science which tells us the importance of the various directions in the house and in which direction rooms and toilets and other things should be placed. While it is not possible for implement all the laws of vastu in a house already built but for those who are constructing a new house, there is no harm in following basic vastu tips to ensure prosperity and happiness. Vastu non-compliant stairs is the root cause of severe health and money problems in the house.

Following below is a list of vastu tips for stairs in a house:

• A staircase should be constructed in the south-west corner or the south or west directions.
• An external staircase can also be constructed with south-west facing the west or the south direction, north-west facing the north and the south-east facing the east.
• According to Vastu, while climbing up the stairs one must climb towards south or west and while coming down, one must descend towards north or east. This can be done by creating curves or turns in the staircase according to the possibilities.
• They should be in the clockwise direction.
• The area under the stairs should not be left empty but used as a store place.
• It is advisable to keep odd number of steps meaning they should be in the count of 5, 7, 11, 17, etc.
• Red and black should be avoided in stairs and one must opt for soothing colors.
• Broken steps are a sign of accident or conflict in the family and should be repaired immediately.

Following below are some points which one should avoid while constructing a staircase:

• Never construct a staircase in the north-east direction of the house. This will bring financial loses and burdens to the family.
• The center of the house is called the Brahmasthan. This should be kept free and devoid of staircase.
• Spiral stairs though enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house are not recommended according to vastu as they bring bad health. Similarly avoid one encircling the house as it may bring calamities.
• Almirahs or lockers should never be kept under the stairs. Similarly, never keep the prayer room and toilets under the staircase.
• Never start the stairs from the store room, prayer room or kitchen in a house.
• One should avoid round or circular steps too.
• The steps that lead to the upper floor should not also lead to the basement or cellar of the house.
• Avoid occupying the room which is at the end of the flight of stairs as anyone doing so will fall sick and would start suffering from rare diseases.
• One must try to build the stairs in such a way that they are not easily visible to the visitors in the house as this is considered unlucky.
• Constructing doors at the beginning and end of stairs is considered auspicious. One must also make sure that the staircase does not touch the north or east walls in the house.

Vastu for Stairs

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