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Vastu for Business

What is Vastu for Business?

Most of the happiness of a family depends on the regular income from a job or a business. Only with good money can one enjoy the small and large luxuries of life. Not only for luxuries, money is important for food, education, medicines, traveling and in any walk of life. Many a times, we start facing problems in our business and are unable to earn substantial profits for ourselves and our families. This causes a lot of tension, conflicts and problems in the house. While the smooth running of a business largely depends on the way it is run, luck and some other factors, proper vastu also is extremely important in the smooth running of a business.

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of proper directions and locations of the house, rooms and the furniture. Placing these things in the proper direction encourages positive energy into the house and increases the wealth and prosperity of the business and the people.

Following are some tips for good vastu for business:

• A Lion-faced or sher-mukhi plot is considered beneficial for the construction of office, factory or any other commercial structure. Such plots are narrow towards the end and broader in the front. Also remember to purchase land near roads which are very operational and do not opt for secluded areas. According to Vastu Shastra, a plot which is surrounded by roads are good for commercial purposes because business will come from all the directions.

• Slope in commercial site should be from South-West towards the North-East. Slope in South-West corner compare to North-East corner in the commercial complex is another reason for the business loss.

• The office building or the factory site should be facing the North-West or the North-East direction. This brings in positive vibes and good luck into the premises. According to Vastu Shastra, North-West direction is related to Air element and very helpful for getting support from financial institutions.

• Make sure that the main entrance of the office or factory faces the East or the North direction. Mainly North direction is important because it represent Wealth area of the plot.

• Remove anything that creates hindrances in front of the door. According to Vastu Shastra, positive vibes come from the Main door of the business premises so it should be neat and clean and there should not be any types of obstacle in front of door. Like tree obstacle or road obstacle etc.

• In commercial complex, fence on the South-West side should be higher than all other directions' fences because this direction represent Earth element and bring stability. The South-West should also be kept heavy for more stability in the business place. Whereas North-East fence should be the lowest and the lightest because it represents Wealth part of the complex and there must be very few barriers for incoming positive vibes.

• Make the welcome room or the guest room faces the East or the North-East direction of the office. At this area, you can hang Windchimes because it attracts positive vibes. Placing an Aquarium in North-East area will also be very beneficial. You can use Mirrors to visually expand this space if the welcome room is smaller than desired.

• The central part of the office or building if kept empty brings in prosperity. This part should be free of pillars, water sources or depressions.

• The owner or the main person of the office should have his cabin in the South-West direction and he should sit facing the North i.e. Wealth direction. That’s why cashier's office should be placed in the North Direction of the commercial complex. Very less vacant space should be in the North-West area.

• The idols of Gods or temples should never be placed behind the owner’s seat. Proper direction for temple or idols is North-East corner of the chamber.

• Opt for rectangular shape of the owner’s desk. Irregular shapes cause confusion and decay concentration levels of the business owner. Note that corners of this table should not be sharp edged.

• Do not place any glass structure behind the owner’s seat. Make sure there is a concrete wall behind as this symbolizes strong support. You can keep crystal globe on your desk for attracting positive vibes.

• Toilets should not be built in the North-West zone of the office as this hamper financial support. Instead place white colored horses in pictures, posters or statues in the North -West zone as these symbolize support.

• The accounts department of the office should be built in the East direction and the account employees should sit facing the East or the North direction. Keep all the financial records in the South-West or the central portion of the cabinet.

• Do not paint the North zone in red or pink colors. Do not paint the South-East zone in blue color. Use green plants instead in the South-East area of the office.

• Keeping an aquarium with 9 gold fishes and a blackfish in the North-East direction reaps in positive vibes and good luck.

• All the electrical equipment, generator room and main switch board should be placed in the South-East direction of the office building because this direction represent Fire element in Vastu Shastra.

Follow the above mentioned vastu tips for business and see the significant changes in your business.

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