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Vastu for Career

What is Vastu for Career?

Many of us face a lot of issues on our career path. We might be working too hard, excelling in our presentations and meeting deadlines yet something keeps coming in the way of our promotion. Some people have trouble finding a suitable job for themselves and because of financial constraints have to settle in for a much less paid job. This causes great grief and dissatisfaction in our work. On the other hand, we notice our friends and colleagues get promotions and benefits easily in their career paths. This often makes us wonder about the problems in our life or destiny and what is so special that makes our similar intellect colleagues shine?

Following are some tips for good vastu for Career:

Some think that its sheer luck that favors some and doesn’t favor some. But luck is not enough. Then what is that hinders us from achieving success in our career? Well the answer to this is Vastu. Vastu is an ancient Indian science of directions and proper positioning in the house which help one reap benefits in careers, loves, marriage, prosperity and wealth. Below mentioned tips for career will definitely help one improve his career prospects:

• The person should never sit under a beam in his office or workplace. It will create pressure on the person.

• One should never sit cross legged in an office or work place either. It will block progress.

• Make sure that while sitting, your back should not face the entrance door otherwise you can face monetary loss.

• Remove any posters or hangings of water or water bodies in your cabin or work desk as these denote a lack of support. Try to hang painting of natural scenery.

• Never keep a lot of clutter on your desk and keep it as free and tidy as possible as the stagnant useless articles on the desk attract negative energies. Try to keep all these things in wardrobe. Doors of these wardrobe must be closed.

• Avoid offices which are too noisy for working. Atmosphere must be calm because it increases concentration.

• Make sure that your working tables or desks are not circular, irregular shaped or oval because these irregular shapes cause confusion and decay concentration levels which is very essential for bright career.

• Plastic and metal furniture bring in bad luck; try to have more of wooden furniture in the office.

• The walls in your office should be devoid of posters or pictures with negative impact such as violence, war, crying people, etc.

• Make sure that the office furniture is not sharp edged because it has tendency to make quarrel among co-workers.

• Try to allow maximum light in your work place because its brings positivity but it should not be too harsh. Pitch dark areas are store houses of negativity.

• Always remember that your master bedroom and the home office room are not sharing the same walls or are not adjacent if you work in your home.

• Try to have a wall behind your back which is a representation of support and make confidence.

• Hanging a picture of a mountain behind the back is good as it is a symbol of support.

• Try to sit on the southwest corner of your conference rooms and far away from the entrance door of the conference room. South-West corner represent earth element and enhance the stability.

• Fix leaking taps or water sources in the office as they cause money loss. This is also true for your home.

• Try to sit either facing the north or the east direction in the office as it signifies monetary gain. These directions represent wealth and by doing this, wealth will be increased.

• Try to place lamps or plants in the south east corner as these attract good luck and money. In Vastu Shastra, South-East corner represent Fire element and accelerate good luck and fortune.

• Keep all electronic items in the south – east corner of your office because these items represents fire elements and so must be placed in South-East corner.

• East direction is very auspicious in Vastu Shastra so please try to keep fresh flowers in East side of your office. It will increase blessings.

Proper location of rooms in house attracts positive energies in the house and sets everything right in a person’s life.

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