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Vastu for Children Room

What is Vastu for Children Room?

Children are the centre of all the love and attention in a family, keeping the household ever engaged in fun and laughter. They are the future of the family, which is why their needs and concerns are of utmost importance to everyone. People want their kids to always be happy and in good health. Devoting time and patience to your young ones is an irreplaceable necessity, but apart from this you can also undertake additional measures like orienting their rooms according to the principles of vastu shastra. This will ensure mental stability as well as boost their performance, academic or otherwise.

What You Should Do :

You might be wondering how the rearrangement of rooms or furniture is to have any bearing with your child’s well being. Here, it would be helpful to note that vastu shastra is not all religion and spirituality. It is an age old tradition whose principles were formulated after carefully studying the science of directions, position of celestial bodies, earth’s magnetic field, movement of wind, water, etc. It takes into consideration all the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, fire and space – and devises ways to integrate these with the human made environment so as to create conditions for a harmonious living. If man and nature are in discord, disaster is bound to ensue, and the floods of Uttarakhand in 2013 bear testimony to this fact.

It should always be kept in mind that for children, their room is a safe haven, secured from the conflicts and turmoil of the external world. Thus care should be taken to make this place as cozy and welcoming as possible. It is advisable to use bright colors, especially shades of green as it metaphorically stands for peace, freshness and juvenility. The best location for a children’s room, according to vastu, is the west. Apart from this, northeast, northwest and south east directions are also acceptable, but southwest is a strict no-no.

The guidelines have it that in a kid’s room, the bed should be placed in the southwest corner, and it shouldn’t directly face the entrance. It is also considered auspicious for the child to have his or her head facing south or east while sleeping. Any kind of furnishing such as wardrobes or cabinets can be placed in the south or west direction, leaving the centre unobstructed. However, all furniture should be a good 2-3 inches away from the wall so as to allow the free flow of positive vibrations and energies.

The entrance to the room should be on the eastern or the northern wall. Having a window opposite the door is helpful as it ensures a proper circulation of air. The study table in a children’s room should be placed in such a way that it faces east, north, or north east. Facing these directions while studying is known to boost memory and help concentration. Use bright lights instead of spot lights or lamps as inadequate lighting is known to create strain. Also, try to keep the room free from dirt, clutter or unorganized piles of clothing as they generate stress. A clean ambience promotes peace of mind and also enhances creativity.

Do not install television or computer in a kid’s room as it will hinder concentration and also result in wastage of valuable time. In case you have to install, do not place them opposite the bed, for their screens will reflect when switched off, and this is considered inauspicious. The same is true for other reflecting objects such as mirrors.

I hope that was guidance enough for you to set up a completely vastu compliant children’s room. Now your little ones will always stay blessed and surrounded by positive vibes!

Vastu for Children Room

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