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Vastu for Commercial Complex

What is Vastu for Commercial Complex?

The community is developing fast in this era, the small villages are turning into well-established towns and towns are taking a transform into metro cities. Markets are shifting to multi-story complexes where buyers can find everything below one roof. Professionals are following different techniques to utilize space more creatively but somewhere in this growth period, people are ignoring principles of vastu. The fact is that your commercial property cannot achieve desired growth if it is not designed as per vastu rules. Professionals recommend following essential vastu principles for site selection, location, building design, entrance specifications and much more. And in case if you are not able to follow them all so precisely then at least it is important to do important remedies on time. Once your building is ready with vastu norms, soon it will gain fame and the business houses inside will earn great. Follow the details below to enjoy best vastu practices for designing a new commercial complex.

Vastu for commercial plot:

The very first task that you need to do is a selection of plot for your commercial complex. Prefer to check all positives and negatives of the site as per vastu guidelines because mistakes in slope, shape, orientation, location and soil quality can later lead to accumulation of negative energies in the building and they may cause hinders in growth. It is good to look for a calm, peaceful, and green place along with good soil quality and easy to access water source as well. Never forget to check plot history and ensure that this site was occupied by successful and happy people earlier. This history simply helps you to make sure that the area has good vibes and it can lead flow of positive energies. A plot with all such good features can be the best source of wealth, health and prosperity. One more this that you need to ensure is the area must be capable enough to drive natural light into your building and the structure must have proper ventilation from all sides.

Vastu for commercial office space:

The office is one of the most important places for a person as it helps him to generate wealth. This workspace is desired to be full of positive energies so that employees can enjoy the good mood and ensure higher productivity. Note that office is not important just for the managers and owners of the business; rather it must be a healthy space for workers as well. In order to create the best environment at the workspace, follow these essential vastu tips:
• When you dedicate space for office cabins, always ensure that they are square in shape or they can be rectangular. Any irregular shape is not good as it leads to negative energies.
• The front door must be free from all obstacles. You can put few healthy plants at the entrance point to create more positive aura but prefer to place them in a well-organized manner.
• The cabin door must preferably open inwards as it welcomes luck and prosperity.
• Vastu Shastra says that the door must be fixed well on hinges and its movement should be free from any mechanical disturbance.
• It is good to create the master chamber in the south-west corner of the space. All the senior staff members, managers as well as directors are desired to work either from the south or from west corners. Note that they must face the east direction as per their cabin’s sitting arrangements.
• It is not good to design toilets and pantry in the central zone, north or north-east zone.
• The office premises must stay clutter free and it must receive proper natural light from outside.
• Yellow shade helps to stimulate minds better in the office premises.

Vastu tips for basement office:

As our community is shifting towards multi-story complexes, many offices are being allotted in the basement area. However, vastu Shastra does not find it good to choose basement for workspace or living but if there is no other choice then the best idea is to choose some remedies. The desired direction for basement office is northern or eastern as both these directions are considered as a source of positive energy. Make proper arrangements for artificial lights, as this area stays untouched from natural light so it is important to have a good source of light to ensure proper brightness in the work area. Preferably, at least 1/4th portion of the basement office must be above the ground and desired height of this space must be 9 feet. Use bright and calm colors for painting the walls by avoiding dark tints.

Vastu for south facing godown:

It is believed that south facing godown is auspicious for the owners. It welcomes health, wealth and improves living standards. If you have your business godown in south direction then it is a symbol of good business and can ensure smooth flow of money while improving your name and fame in society. Note that, in case if you have godowns in northwest or southeast corner of the building then it may naturally give a boost to the powers of your competitors while causing quarrels and unhappiness at your workplace. Take right decision to design your godown in the right direction by following vastu principles.

Vastu for office building:

All these tips as above are quite essential for designing an office building and they must be followed strictly. If you need more information about the commercial complex design then prefer to take guidelines from vastu experts in your area. It is important to follow guidelines properly right from the site selection, building design, color selections, decorations and office cabin allotment as well. Prefer to create a positive environment at the workplace and ensure natural light to enhance moods of the employees. The area must be well decorated with bright and attractive colors that welcome positivity inside. Never ever create anti-clockwise staircase in the commercial complex as well as in home buildings. Prefer to follow the clockwise movement.

Vastu for Commercial Complex

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