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Vastu for Computer

Vastu for Computer in Home and Office

Vastu Shashtra is one of the popular ancient and intrinsic sciences that define rules for balancing energy fields on buildings. The typical rules of Vastu are applicable to every part of human life. Ranging from the basic architecture of a property, construction of rooms and placement of equipments or furniture items, everything has special concern in Vastu Science. For all associated aspects, Vastu works on micro and macro levels with its powerful impact. One of the most essential thing at your home or office that demands attention as per Vastu point of view is Computer. No matter whether you are a professional or a home entrepreneur, you must be using a computer at your work place. It is also an important accessory for students these days; hence, almost all houses and offices have this equipment in premises. But most of people are not aware about right placement direction of computers and it brings negativity to their home or office.

Vastu for Computers at your Workplace and Home:

Whether they are being used as educational tool or they are major part of your professional life; it is essential to follow right direction for their placement. Before getting idea about the best direction and type of table for placing computer, it is good to know about the best ways to use it. In case if you have placed computer at home just for educational purpose then it must be in the study room of kids. Never place it at such location where it faces a girder or beam exactly above it. Project its screen in such a direction that student’s face stays either in northern or in eastern direction while using this computer.

The best placement idea for professional computer is south-east corner of house. Never ever place them near bed because they release harmful energies that can lead to so many health issues. The best idea is to keep crustal sets on table over which you have placed your computer as it helps to enhance learning ability and concentration. Prefer to place all essential gadgets and machines like fax machine and printers etc in south east corner of house. A computer should not be placed beside common wall that is attached to toilet. At home as well as at office, prefer to use a rectangular shaped computer table and it must be well polished with hard surface.

It is not good to place computer on a table that has glass top, also these tables should not have very sharp corners or round edges. Use a solid back type chair while working on your computer. In office premises too, south east corner is best for computer systems as well as other gadgets that generate energy. Along with this, you should give proper attention to proper lighting arrangement in the area where you use computer. You can place other energy eliminated devices at same location including power switches, generators, electronic meters and servers. All these rules are quite useful for welcoming prosperity and success into life and business.

Vastu for Server Room:

Server is also a form of Computer. Server is mainly used to execute very huge applications such as enterprise level applications that require massive computing resources at run-time. Server works as main processing unit where all computers are linked together through server. In vastu shastra, Server represent 'Fire Element' because it consume and emit lots of energy. So, according to Vastu Shastra, best direction for Server Room is South-East direction of industrial compound.

Vastu for Computer

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