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Vastu Tips For Factories

What is Vastu For Factories?

Even if your brand has a big name and huge fan following, if your new factory does not have right vastu, it can defame your business in the market. There are so many essential things mentioned in Vastu Shastra that a person needs to follow to ensure success in the business. We all know that major objective of all business owners is to collect profit and stay ahead of competitors; but the fact is that in order to achieve all these goals, the owner must be careful about Vastu Shastra principles. Once you are able to set up everything as per Vastu rules, even a small-scale business can create big miracles in the world. These principles can help you to ensure great monetary benefits while securing security, prosperity, and growth. While designing a new industry, one needs to care about so many things; the site location, structure of the building, the location of the staff quarters, guardroom, placement of raw material, the area of furnished items, and much more. If you are also constructing a new industrial plant then prefer to follow the essential vastu principles mentioned as below. They may help you to get best out of your business.

Vastu for small-scale industries:

Those who are constructing a new industry must value the vastu tips by all means. It is important to construct slopes in North East, North or East direction of the building. If your industry has some kind of weighing machines or weighbridge then it must be kept in the North-West or in the Central East direction. All the heavy vehicles must be kept in South West zone of the site whereas the commercial or other light vehicles can be parked in the North-West, East or North side of the structure. Prefer to create a lawn in the South or West direction of the property and if possible plant avenue trees in this area. It is advised to create administrative offices in the North direction to have better results whereas other options are East, South-West and South direction. Build toilets in the administrative section of the building and they must be in South East direction or in North-West side of the area. You can also create a beautiful temple in North East corner of the building and this direction is also suitable for the reception. Vastu Principles advise creating marketing section on the North West side of the building. Locate staff canteen in the South East direction whereas the maintenance workshop must be designed in the South West corner or on the South side of the industry.

Vastu factory main gate:

The direction of factory main gate matters a lot and it must be designed carefully by keeping all vastu principles in mind. The main gate decides the in and out of positive or negative energies so, in order to ensure well-being, it is essential to be careful while planning the entrance gate direction and structure. Preferably, the entrance gate of the factory must be in North or in East direction as Vastu principles define that West entrance or South entrance terminal is not good for growth. Both these sides are more affected by infrared rays and these rays bring negativity to the premises. But in case if there is no other option than placing the entrance door in the South direction then the best remedy is to paint the door with the dark shades like maroon or vermillion red. On the other side, the negative impact of west facing door can be easily removed by using a glass crystal and placing it in such a manner that it can reflect the evening light while decreasing the damage to the area. Other than this, problems in the main door can be easily eliminated by using green healthy plants at entrance point so that all the negative energy can be easily converted into positive energy.

Vastu for machinery:

There is no doubt to say that machines are one of the essential parts of the industry or factory and they carry most of the workload in the premises. In order to ensure desired profits and benefits in your business, prefer to place your machinery at the right location. Just a single wrong decision can lead many miss-happenings or accidents. Here we have few essential tips to ensure complete growth for your industrial premises. Prefer to place the machines as per their weight measurements. The heaviest machines must stay in the south, south-west, or west direction whereas the machines with lighter weight must be kept in Southeast or Northeast direction preferably. Never ever place any machine in the Northeast direction of the industry rather the best idea is to keep this space empty. Machines that have fire furnaces are advised to be placed in the south-east direction.

Vastu for factory shed:

It is important to add enough care for designing shed of your factory as per Vastu rules. The science behind Vastu can help you to ensure complete improvement in profits while leading wealth, health, prosperity and happiness in the workspace. The shed should not be created in the North East direction; instead, it must be left free. The shed can be in the East or North direction.

Industrial Vastu Tips:

Other than this, there are few essential tips that must be followed for creating factory structure:

• Stationary water should not be in front of the building.
• It is not good to use the old raw material for construction.
• All heat generation systems must be kept in South East corner of the structure.
• The often required collection of goods must be kept in North West corner.
• The administrative block must be in North West corner but it must be smaller than the rest of the building.
• North, as well as east sides, can be used for the parking area.

All these Vastu tips can help you to ensure growth in your business with all good results. Prefer to be careful about Vastu guidelines or if you are unaware of them, prefer to take guidelines from professionals.

Vastu for Factories

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