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Vastu for Garage

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of proper direction and location of a room, person or furniture to enhance positivity, happiness and prosperity in the living spaces. Your beloved car should also have its garage in the proper corner to ensure longevity or better life of your car. Cars are very costly and very precious to the owner. One will never like unnecessary expenditure on the car. To ensure the safety of the car, one must follow certain vastu tips for garage.

The following listed are vastu tips for garage:

• A car garage should be made in the northwest or southeast direction of the house. One should have an idea for the car parking before finalizing land for construction.
• A car which is placed on the western side of the garage built on the northwest position, would undergo a lot of travelling.
• A car which is parked in the southwest corner would require constant minor maintenance works.
• Make sure that the garage’s floor level slopes towards the east or north direction.
• Make sure that there is 2 feet walking space left in the garage after parking your car which would ensure the movement of light and air into the garage.
• The garage should never touch the compound wall or the main building of the house.
• Never park the car in the northeast direction since it is the direction for heavenly forces. A car parked there would obstruct the access of the heavenly forces. But if the garage is made in the basement, then one can park in the northeast direction.
• A car parked in the southwest direction would reduce the usage of the car and it will also call for continuous repair work.
• Always park the car with the front side facing the east or the north direction as this ensures that the car never gets overheated.
• Parking the car in the west or south direction might cause fire hazards.
• Always make sure that the height of the garage does not exceed the height of the main gate of the wall.
• The path or the area where the gate of the garage opens should be clear and free from hindrances ensuring easy movement of the car.
• Any light shade such as white or yellow should be painted on the garage doors.
• Make sure never to store any inflammable substances in the garage as they may cause fire harming the car.
• If a garage is not practical due to less space, consider constructing a portico for the car.
• A portico should also be in the north or east direction of the house.
These above mentioned vastu tips for garage will ensure that your car remains safe and in good working condition. We all depend on cars for our daily commute to the office, schools and other places and its healthy working condition is necessary for the smooth running of our day to day lives. The above tips will ensure that your car does not give you

Vastu for Garage