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Vastu for Garden

Important Guidelines and Effective Remedies on Vastu for Garden

After a long tiring day, the best idea to refresh is to spend some time with family in the garden. This is the most relaxing place and can help to reduce stress in a magical way. But in order to keep this place full of positive energy, it is important to follow Vastu tips for layout, design, plantation as well as color combinations in the area. The well-planned aesthetics can enhance the peace as well as the beauty of this space. Vastu tips are applicable to gardens at hotel, public buildings, offices as well as small houses. As it is the most loved area of every member of your family, so be careful while designing and decorating it.
All the descrpitio mentioned here are as per the Vastu Shastra. So, if you are planning to buy a new plot or already purchased one, we suggest having a quick look at the following description related to Vastu for Garden:

Vastu for Vegetable Garden

Vastu in Landscape

Vastu for garden design

Vastu tips for plants and trees

Vastu for terrace garden

Vastu for Vegetable Garden:

If you are planning to design a kitchen backyard full of fruits, vegetables, and herbs then it is good to get some ideas from fengshui principles. The best directions for kitchen backyards or vegetable gardens are north and east. They also provide proper sunlight for the growth of plants and the brightness help to kill unwanted bacteria and germs. It is not good to create vegetable gardens in West and South direction. If you want to place an open fire area in the backyard then preferable side is an N-W corner or S-E corner. Also, the southwest area in the garden must be filled with the stone statue, tall trees, and rock garden.

Vastu in Landscape:

The landscape has a direct impact on health and flow of energy in your house. If you want to add an underground tank into your garden then it must be added to the north, northeast or east corner whereas the massive, thick walls must be placed in the South-west or South side of the area. Those who want to add some kind of electric lighting system or gadgets to the area are advised to choose Southeast corner for this. The small decorative plants and flowering must be placed in the north, north-east, east and north-west direction of the area. To store the gardening equipment, you can create a small cottage in South-West direction of the plot.

Vastu for garden design:

Prefer to consult professionals for collecting details about the influencing elements for the garden in your home. All the plants and vegetations must be added to balance the energies of these elements so that they can help to nourish the environment.

Vastu tips for plants and trees:

One of the essential plants for ensuring positive energy in the premises is Tulsi or Basil. If you want to plant Bilva, Neem, Sirish, Pakar, Paraspeepal, and Palm then they must be placed in the West or North direction of the area. Goolar and the Panas trees must be added to the South side of the house. In order to welcome wealth and virtues to the premises, prefer to add Kanak Champa in the north direction. It is not good to plant any large tree in the central position of the garden.

Vastu for terrace garden:

If you want to create a small garden on the terrace then prefer to choose a south-west corner of the terrace to build it. It will help to welcome luck and positive energy to your living premises.

Vastu for Garden

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