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Vastu for Health

Important Vastu Guidelines For A Healthy Life

If you are familiar with the concept of Vastu Shastra, you would know that it is a science which determines the principles of construction so as to ensure peace, prosperity, good health and fortune in an individual’s life. It is indeed true that if you are physically as well as mentally fit and healthy, all the other aspects that constitute a good life will automatically follow. The guidelines of vastu shastra advocate the alignment of buildings in such a way that their inhabitants are always surrounded by positive vibes and energies. It also creates conditions for natural healing and recuperation in case of persons suffering from ill health. So let us take a look at some of the important rules of vastu for health that would help you keep the doctor away.

The first and the easiest of measures to follow is to make sure that you sleep with your head towards the South or the East. Never sleep with your head facing North as it is considered inauspicious, and might lead to discomfort. Remember how in the Puranic stories, the poor elephant had his head chopped off and lent to Ganesha, for sleeping in the wrong direction? Apart from this, a left side sleeping posture is recommended for people who have Vatha or Khapha body constitutions, while those with Pitha constitution should sleep on their right.

The centre of a house or Brahmasthan plays a crucial role in determining the health of its occupants, as this where all the different kinds of energy intersect and radiate from. This region should be kept open and no heavy objects or furniture should be placed here. It should also be free from pillars or overhead beams. The best idea is to have an open courtyard in the centre, but it is not feasible in most modern households. Instead, you can install a Reiki crystal grid in the centre to keep your house positively energized.

The kitchen of a house must coincide with the fire zone, i.e. the south east, and the staircase must always be in a corner, preferably north west or south east. Misplacement of these regions might result in serious health issues. Furthermore, if the underground water reservoir is in the south east or the generator is in the north east, problems will ensue as it signifies that the fire element in your home is not in proper balance. For these and other vastu defects or doshas, you can use remedies such as installing an image of Lord Hanuman in a south facing house. It would also be good to have the main gate of the same height as the boundary wall, and to grow citrus plants on either side of the entrance, as they promote good health.

If any of your family members is not keeping well, place a lighted candle in his or her room for a few days. In addition to creating an aesthetically pleasing environment, candles help to calm the mind and therefore, people recover sooner. You can also make it a daily practice to light a candle and place it in the fire zone, in veneration of Agni.

In order for us to have a healthy life, it is important that our body be harmonized with all the elemental energies that constantly flow through nature. Vastu for health is essential as this is precisely what it takes care of. So, if you are suffering from prolonged illness, and no amount of homeopathic or allopathic medication is proving to be of much help, do try a short visit to your nearest vastu consultant.

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