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Vastu for Internal & External Colours of Home

Important Tips on Vastu for Internal & External Colours of Home

Vastu is a diverse field which is connected to various aspects of science, architecture, geography and spirituality. Colours have the power to set the atmosphere of the house and thus choosing the best colour for different parts of your home would not only inspire your behaviour but would also bring good luck charm. Colours are believed to have psychological impact on our moods and thus can pacify our mind and stimulate energy. This post is to guide you about vastu colours for your home which can influence your minds and reflects prosperity at the same time.

So if you are planning to re-paint your home or buying a new one and thinking about colours of its walls then take a sneak peak on some of the recommended vastu colours for home.

White color vastu:

White is a colour of piousness and purity. Also, it reflects the light and makes the room bright and inspiring. Therefore white colour is recommended for ceilings as it becomes brighter and graceful when it blends with other hues. If you want to paint the entire room with white colour then that room should be in north-west direction.

Red color vastu:

Red is a colour of power, bravery and aggression too! It is not advisable to paint your rooms with red colour, not only because it is too bright but also because this colour has an invigorating quality which may impact your mood in a negative manner. but this colour is of vitality and zest and at the same time ignites passion and desire! Red is too much energizing for a bedroom, hence you should not apply red coats especially on your bedroom walls. You may consider painting the entrance or the patio area with a wall of red. It is also believed that red colour can be overpowering and stressful for people who are anxious by nature, hence you should apply it accordingly.

Pink color vastu:

This is one of the soothing shades which you should prefer for your home. Pink is a colour of joy, bubbliness, happiness and smoothness too! Hence, pink colour can be used for bedroom or even for master bedroom only if they are facing south or south west direction. This colour is connected with purity and honesty and thus spreads positive energies around your place. Similarly light shades of purple can also be used.

Yellow color vastu:

People who don’t follow vastu also have their walls painted yellow! This is because lighter shades of yellow are very soothing to eyes and goes with all sorts of interior designs. But luckily there is vastu connection too when it comes to yellow colour! It is a colour of patience and wisdom and since it is associated with brightness of sun, it is believed to nurture clarity of mind and energize the residents. Yellow is recommended for rooms which doesn’t get direct sunlight. Also, if you have a small prayer room at your house then that can also be painted yellow in colour.

Green color vastu:

As it is a colour of nature, it symbolizes harmony and peace. Lighter shades of green can be put in study room as it augments intelligence.

Vastu for Home Colour

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