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Vastu for Home Office

Important Tips on Vastu for Home Office

If you are in a job which demands frequent work from home or you are an entrepreneur operating from your home then you must have a designated place already dedicated to be your home office. Operating from home is not only convenient but also productive as you can invest the time in work which otherwise is wasted in commuting! Also, it helps in saving cost of renting a commercial space, cost of commute and cost of childcare also! But if you don’t have a defined place then this experience of working from home will seem to be challenging rather than fulfilling! This post will talk about some of the vastu tips which can create a productive environment which is stimulating as well as creative for your home office.

1. Should be located in South or West corner of the house: As per study of Vastu, northern and eastern corners of your house should have bedroom, living room, and kitchen and prayer room. This is because natural sunlight brightens the room which are considered to be auspicious and lucky from vastu perspective. Office is not something where you need to work in the morning hours and thus there is no point in blocking the pious corners of the house in office area. Also, it is believed that office in north east area brings more responsibilities and poor output.

2. Designated area: Although area beneath staircase of duplex is perfectly shaped if you want to create an office there but Vastu doesn’t recommend having office in an area which is otherwise unusable! It makes it difficult to concentrate and doesn’t bring good fortune either! Hence, you should have a dedicated place for home office which is properly planned and decorated.

3. Interior Décor: The northern area of your home office is the centralised place for all energies. Thus you should put up something motivating there! It can be an idol, some picture depicting your goal or dream or anything which you think makes you appreciate it. You can also put down some prism as it increases concentration or put up a small fountain which is believed to attract more business and clients and enhance working environment of office.

4. Furniture: The furniture for office desk should be square or rectangular in shape; any other irregular shaped desk should be avoided. Also, office desk should not share a wall with toilet on the other side! It is not considered auspicious as per vastu for home office. Also, the office chair should not be noisy and must have a strong back support. This is not only ideal for your health but also it signifies stability and strength in business and work.

5. Do not clutter: Cluttering always attracts negative energies and brings down the efficiency and productivity. You should not clutter your desk or drawers with so many things. Also, the central area of the home office should be kept easy so as to facilitate easy movement around the office and create an uncluttered look. The clutter look is believed to invite obstructions and hindrances.

So follow these vastu for home office tips and you would notice the change in productivity and efficiency of work!

Vastu for Home Office

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