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Vastu For Lighting

What is Vastu For Lighting?

Light is one of the most essential elements for every house. Vastu says that it is essential to make special efforts for adding naturally uplifting lighting arrangement to the construction. As per Vastu experts, the Sattva corner is represented by the North East direction and it deals with positive energy and creativity. Thus this corner is considered as best choice for allowing natural light to enter inside. As light coming from sun use to provide joy and food to all on earth so it must be utilized to balance the positivity inside house. Proper natural light arrangement has capability to alter the ambience of the whole room and it can welcome prosperity inside. Vastu Shashtra follows specific set of rules for maintaining light inside house; go through the details below to utilize these guidelines in best possible manner.

Here are few essential tips that must be followed for Lighting in House:

Lighting arrangement for Living Room as per Vastu:

• The best idea is to buy overhead lights for illuminating walls of the room in most attractive manner. It naturally helps to boost the appearance of accessories.
• In case if you are more curious to highlight the pictures that are installed on walls in your room then it is advised to use different lighting arrangement for this purpose. Prefer to use a combination of soothing colours that can make perfect blend with the paint color of your room walls.
• In case if you wish to add indirect lights to your room then they must be installed in a stylish way.

Bedroom Light Arrangement as per Vastu:

• As per the Vastu Principles, the bedroom lights are desired to be highly soothing while having general colours and delicate textures. One can prefer to use task lighting setup for highlighting the painting and other decorative stuff in the area.
• Plan the lighting system patiently so that it can add relaxing and romantic ambience to the bedroom.
• Bedroom can also have decorative lights and they must be capable enough to improve appearance of whole space.

Bathroom Lights as per Vastu:

• No matter whether you have a small bathroom or a luxurious larger one, it is always good to add appealing ambience in the area.
• Mirror area is considered as best location for installing most essential lights in the bathroom so the color combination must be vibrant and soothing.
• One should make special arrangements for lights around essential bathroom accessories and bath tub area. They will appear too good while taking bath.

Reading Room Lights as per Vastu:

• Reading room is one of the most essential parts of every house so vastu says that its lights must be installed with more care.
• As you need to study in this area so it is good to illuminate this room in most effective manner so that it never causes trouble while studying.
• This room must have a unique collection of down lighters, up lighters and general lights.
• The space containing gadgets like computer must have special lights.

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