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Vastu for Locker Room

What is Vastu for Locker Room?

Vastu is an ancient science for bringing success and prosperity to your home and workplace too! People who believe in vastu actually discover the secret of good luck and transform their lives! So if you are the one who love positive energies and good vibes in abode then vastu can do the needful for you! One of the important areas of the home is the locker room which basically determines the material affluence of the home. Everybody wants lord of wealth to be kind and generous and thus vastu for locker room is one of the interesting topics to read and follow as well! This post will highlight some of the important aspects relating to vastu of locker room which can lead to financial prosperity, open up new avenues and opportunities leading to more sources of income and wealth.

Here are few essential tips that must be followed for Locker Room arrangments in House:

Shape of locker room:

Locker room should be of same height as other rooms. It should not have different height! Also, it must be either rectangular or square shaped. Few people try to convert the less used area of the home into a locker room and if that area is haphazard and has no defined shape then that should not be shortlisted as an ideal spot for locker room. Due to paucity of space, the constructors these days make some sort of triangular shape or extended rooms which should not be chosen as locker room.

Location of locker:

The best location of locker is south so that its door opens towards north. This means that locker should have its back at southern walls and front part should be northern side. If lockers are placed in a manner that they open towards south or west direction then it is believed to cause financial drains and increase in outflows rather than inflows. Placing the locker in north-east, south-east and north-west area are not recommended as they kind of reverse the energies and have negative outcomes.

Also, you need to ensure that locker is not placed at the very corner of the room! It is not considered to be a good omen. You just need to ensure that it is not sticking to the walls and is kept at some distance.

Additional tips for the locker room:

Even if you’ve placed it at ideal spot and in a well- defined room, it may not attract positive energies if you are non-deliberately doing any of below. So make sure that voluntarily or non-voluntarily, you should avoid the following.

• Keeping shoes below the locker: Locker is like a pious place of home and thus keeping shoes around is considered to be disrespectful.
• It should never be empty: No matter what happens, you should never keep your locker empty. You should always have some buffer cash of jewellery which you should just keep it in forever!
• Shades of the room and locker have a tale of their own! It is believed that dull colours like grey, blue and black are threatening and ill-fated and thus the walls of that room and locker should not be of this colour. Off white or yellow shade are considered to be lucky and generate plenty of wealth and success.

Vastu for Locker Room

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