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Vastu for Love in Life

What is Vastu For Love?

Vastu Shastra, considered to be a sacred science in India, is a system that has the potential to change your environment and subsequently your life in very subtle ways. Paying attention to a few important points while choosing a plot of land to build your house, buying a flat, even simply re-arranging certain things in your home or changing certain habits can bring about those changes. Vastu harmonizes the environment which is good or your relationships, especially your love life. Using Vastu tips for love will not only strengthen your relationship, but will ignite the spark of love and adoration in you and your partner’s romance.

Here are some tips on Vastu for Love:

• The south-west side is very important in your love life. Keep your bedroom towards that corner. The bedroom should be a regular square or rectangle. Sleep with your head towards the south to keep stability in your household. Also, remove the colour red from the south-west zone. Color of walls should be in light green, light rose or blue.

• If your house is ‘T’ shaped it divides and diminishes the positive energy in relationships. In a case like that, hanging mirrors at the junctures of the ’T’s will help prevent this.

• There should be no toilet in the south-west direction. If there is an attached toilet, its door must be kept shut and the toilet seat always down.

• If there are mirrors directly facing the bed in your bedroom then it encourages infidelity. The larger the mirror is, at a greater extent is the risk the reflection poses to the relationship. Therefore, those mirrors need to be got rid of.

• The amount of light in your house is directly proportional to the happiness in your love life. Keep the windows open and the house well-lit, bright.

• Do not clutter the house, especially the north-east corner with objects. A cluttered environment only leads to a chaotic relationship. For the same reason, keep all objects clean and dust-free.

• Keep symbolic objects of love all around the house, like red-coloured objects or even heart-shaped ones; it will help to enhance your romance. Especially, keeping personal pictures or flowers at corners, or at specific places that you notice first when you enter the bedroom- will make the love life more blissful. For married couple, hang pictures of couples at wall that you notice first when you enter the bedroom will bring feelings of togetherness.

• Indoor plants are also very helpful in increasing affection and love. White flowers in the North corner improves harmonic relationship and understanding of each other while plants of purple or red roses in the South West corner help in improving the relationship and love.

• To make love relationship stronger and everlasting, please keep photo of your beloved in the North or North-West direction of your house.

• Keeping crystals will also attract light as well as peace and tranquillity in the home,

• The bedsheets or lampshades should preferably be in soft, pastel shades, with floral designs. Pink or red colored Bed sheets are most suitable for those who are looking forward to marriage. Even walls should be painted in light colours. The mattress should also be a single one, making the shared experience of sleeping more harmonious. For loving relationship husband should always sleep in the right of wife.

• Do not bring your stress or worries to the bedroom as it will fill the space with negative energy. Try not to sleep in direct alignment to sharp angles or open beams as well. In that case, change your bedroom to save your love life from these disturbances. The idols of worship should not be placed inside the bedroom as well.

So, now you have the secret to a truly blessed and happy love life! Be cautious of these Vastu prescriptions, apply them and feel your relationship and your home prosper in every possible way.

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