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Vastu for Marital Harmony

What is Vastu for Marital Harmony?

Is it said that all couples fight and that it is healthy to fight sometimes for a married couple, but sometimes, there are some couples who fight all the time. Either one of them or both of them are constantly bickering, insulting or fighting with each other and the problems sooner or later lead them to a divorce. Marital discord may be due to a wrong match or due to Vastu dosham. Vastu is the ancient science of proper location and positioning of people and furniture in the house to attract positive vibes, health, money and prosperity. A proper vastu should be followed in a couple’s bedroom too to ensure marital harmony.

Below mentioned are some tips for marital harmony:

• The couple’s bedroom should always be facing the South-West or the North-West direction to ensure a spark of love and bonding between the partners. Always avoid sleeping in South-East or North-East bedroom.

• The couple should always sleep keeping their head on the south. This way, positive magnetic vibes flowing from the north direction always enters their bodies without affecting their sleep. For loving relationship husband should always sleep in the right of wife.

• Its best to use a wooden bed to erase all tension between spouses. A wrought iron bed or a metal one should be avoided. It is also important that only single mattress and bedsheet should be used. It symbolizes togetherness.

• The bed should be made in a regular shape i.e. square or rectangle. An irregular shape should be avoided at all costs because irregular shapes cause confusion between couple. This is also true for shape of the bedroom.

• Light colors should be preferred for a master bedroom like pink, pastel green or light blue because it brings relaxing and peaceful feeling between couple. Keep the room as uncluttered as possible to let good energy in.

• It is recommended to put a single mattress and bedsheet on a double bed as this instills positivity and harmony in their relationship.

• Electronics and electrical gadgets are best kept out of the room or at a good distance from the bed as the electromagnetic waves radiating from them increases fights and differences between the partners. Best direction is South-East corner which represent fire element and increase understanding between husband and wife.

• Mirrors placed in a couple’s bedroom bring in misunderstandings and fights. Even if one has to place a mirror in the room, it is best kept covered. It is also important that Mirrors should not kept opposite to the bed because it causes health problems.

• Keep the bedroom well-lit for encouraging free flowing conversation and love between the couples. Try to make window in North or East wall for proper sun light.

• Having a kitchen in the North-East also leads to discord in martial life because kitchen represent Fire element whereas North-East corner represents Water element. They are opposite each other.

• Keeping thorny and bonsai plants in the house welcome sparks of anger between husband and wife. Instead of this, please try to keep red rose plant in house.

• Beds with storage should be avoided as the things stored inside the bed attract negative energy which becomes stagnant. It is also important that there should no beam crossing over the bed because it creates health problems.

• The couples should use a single quilt. It will bring feeling of togetherness.

• Keep fresh flowers in the room and change them often. This brings happiness between spouses. White flowers in the North corner improves harmonic relationship and understanding of each other while plants of purple or red roses in the South West corner help in improving the relationship and love.

• Try to hang pictures of husband and wife at wall that you notice first when you enter the bedroom will bring feelings of togetherness.

• Indoor plants are also very helpful in increasing affection and love.

• Avoid keeping a temple or any other place of worship in the bedroom.

• Shoes and slippers must not be kept under the bed.

Many people have adopted Vastu as an important part of their lives. From planning the smallest occasion to sleeping in a particular direction, vastu is omnipresent. People are noticing its benefits and adopting all the principles of vastu for a happy and healthy life.

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